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I was raised in a home where there wasn’t a whole lot of money flow. I’m the sensitive-type, so I adopted my parents debt, in my mind, and I chose to not ‘ask’ for anything, in order to help them with their money problems.

Now, as an adult, it created a guilt about asking for money-flow from God. Not being a parent myself, I can still imagine, if my child came up to me and asked for something, it would be my joy to give it to them.

I have a four-year-old nephew, and he comes up to me, all the time, for a dollar for candy. My heart melts, every time, because I want him to have the  mindset that his aunt loves him and wants to give him what his heart wants. That is love.


We are connected to the divine source of love, at all times, and it is His pleasure to give to us.

Don’t allow your expectations, fears, and beliefs to block the flow of wealth in your life. Be free! Forgive your parents or yourself for holding back from you, and remember that LOVE enjoys giving to you.

Be blessed today!



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