Here is an Angel Message for you Today for Inner Healing

Angel Chamuel

It starts with a choice. It sounds simple and uncomplicated, but that is the first step in order to receive inner healing. If you are resisting change, then there isn’t much we can do to bring restoration in your heart, soul, and mind. So first of all, make a conscious choice to heal.

Listen to the wisdom we wish to give you. If you close up your ears to us, it will be very difficult for you to walk out the full healing process, we want to take you on. Healing is a journey; it is not an instant onetime thing. Just as a wound slowly layers, when its healing, so your heart, soul, and mind heal by layers.

Each wound, from the past, leaves a mark on you, and we need to address each mark, so that you can recover from the trauma of the past. Make sense? We need to deal with some of the top layers, so that we can get to the reason you keep attracting those painful experiences into your life.

Many therapists will go to the root immediately. They will talk about your parents, your childhood, bullies etc. And while this is helpful and needed, sometimes the first layers get ignored, and they are the ones that are most on your mind.

Your childhood is buried deep inside, and that inner child needs healing every day, but first deal with the current you right now.

That is the one that is crying, begging, hurting, and needing to be healed. The you today has been built over time, and it takes time to build a new you. Don’t grow discouraged though at this process we long to take you on. For in the end, isn’t it worth it to feel relief? Happiness? Love?

I know some of you say you can’t afford therapy, or you’d have been taking it for years and years. We want to be your therapy. Father and us. We want to help you uncover the roots inside of you, so that you can properly heal on the inside. But, first, we need to deal with the layers on top. Okay? Don’t dive right into your childhood trauma. Dealing with that can feel overly painful and overpowering for you, at the moment. Dealing with the first layer today can take away the top layer of pain.

So, ask yourself, right now—what is my pain today? What am I dealing with in this moment? What is going on in my mind right now?

Now, write that down somewhere private—a journal—or perhaps your phone. That is what we are going to deal with, little one. That choice. That pain. That fear. Whatever it is, we are going to deal with the chaos of it today.

Give me a few more minutes to help you uncover and heal that pain. Picture in your mind the problem in front of you. Whether it be a person, financial, physical, or spiritual—now lovingly give that problem over to me. Hand it to me gently; I know it concerns you greatly. I will take good care of it for you. All right? The pain you carry, concerning that layer, is now mine to bear. Don’t worry, I can handle the pain. I lovingly give it over to Father, who now holds it gently as well.

Do you see how much we care for you? Be gentle with yourself. Lovingly take care of your heart; for we do. We long to hold your heart carefully and speak love over you. Little one, we love you. We really, really love you. Do you see that yet? Walk in the love we pour out daily for you. You are never alone in your problem. You are never alone in your personal pain. We feel it too, and we long to take it onto ourselves and bring healing to you. Can you let us take your pain? Please, little ones, let us take it for you.

Picture this in your mind. You are floating on a peaceful river, and the sun is warm on your face, melting away all worries. A gentle hand brushes your brow, and you see a kind face with love in his eyes. Give me your cares, he says to you. You hand him a piece of paper, and on it are fears and worries you’ve been holding. They melt away as you continue to relax.


Father and Angels,

I gently hand over my problems. You carry my burdens and my sorrows, and I don’t have to hold them anymore. You always take care of my heart, and I’m so thankful that you’re helping me heal the layers inside of me. Amen.

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