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Last night, before going to bed, I know an angel was with me. I saw him with the spiritual eye, and he was standing near the end of my bed. He came over to me and said, “Don’t give up.”

As a creative person, it’s far too easy to give up. We are highly sensitive beings, so we get high and we get low, and sometimes those lows are pretty bad. I’ve been battling the lows for a couple days and wanted to toss my writing career out the window.

I’m not trying to get whiny, but I’ve tried all kinds of things: law of attraction, quantum physics, brain detoxes, and affirmations. I am all for these, but for these last two days I kept saying, “I WANT IT TO WORK!” Not just for me, mind you, I want things to work, so I can share with others how to also.

My heart is to heal, help, and love others, and usually when things aren’t working, I feel a bit angry at God.

I think that’s why He sent Archangel Chamuel.  God wanted me to know that He has my back, and He wanted to bring me peace. You can look up more on Archangel Chamuel if you’d like.

Don’t give up! Don’t allow the anger, frustrations, and disappointments to pull you under their tide. I am sending you love, and I’d appreciate love back. You got this! We have a big, big God on our side and lots of amazing angels to help us!


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3 thoughts on “My Angels Won’t let me Give Up #Dontgiveup #inspire #angels

    1. I completely understand. I went through a divorce, and all I really wanted was him to try to win me back for a long time. I finally had to come to terms with it, and it’s not an easy task. Sending you a big hug.


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