Angel Monafia

Life’s burdens can be overwhelming. All the schedules, bills, and daily tasks can feel as if they are on top of you at times. I understand how stressful it can be, and I want to help you and uplift your heart from that place of stress.

Today, tell yourself, it’s going to get better starting right now. Telling your own self a better feeling is the first step to releasing stressful situations.

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Step 1.

Lie down somewhere comfortable, quiet, and a place you can be yourself one hundred percent. Once you find this place, bring all your stress into your mind. Do you feel it?

Step 2.

In your mind, walk into the river of life, which is always flowing and moving forward, and let those stresses wash down the river. Don’t try to hang onto them. Let them float away on the river of life.

Step 3.

Rest in the comfort of Father’s arms. See his eyes. See His loving eyes looking at you. What do they say? What does He feel toward you? Can you see it?

Step 4.

Absorb that love into your heart. Allow it to spread into every fiber of your body, bringing peace with the feeling.


Father and Angels,

Thank you for helping me get rid of all stress in my life. I allow it to float away. I look into your eyes Father, and I trust you. Amen.

Have a beautiful day!


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