Divorce or Breaking Up Sucks


Like anyone else who’s been through divorce or breakups, it’s a process to get yourself back together. Here’s a few tips from my book: Ties of the Heart: How to recover from Divorce and Breakups: A 12 step-by-step healing process to help you.

Let’s talk about your heart.

First of all, your heart is a beautiful thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your beautiful heart. Loving someone is never stupid or wrong. Sometimes, we think the person we chose to love was wrong, and that we behaved stupidly in choosing them.

  • Make a choice to let go.

Your intention is very, very powerful, and making that choice isn’t easy when you really loved someone. But, in order to bring healing, you have to make a choice.

  • Take a moment and ask yourself, am I ready to let go?

Sometimes we think we’re ready to move on, but part of us is still holding out for our ex to come back, or show us they really care. I know I did this. It is so hard to be willing to let go, but if you want to recover, you have to make the choice deep inside.

  • Tell yourself you won’t be sad forever.

In the middle of recovery, it can feel like that empty, sad feeling will never go away. Remind yourself that you won’t be in that place forever. You will move forward.

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Be blessed in your recovery.

For more on recovering from divorce or breakups check out my book below.

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Ties of the Heart: How to recover from Divorce and Breakups

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