Angel Jamel

Pull up a picture, in your mind, of who you think you are. Not the version you should be, but the one you actually believe you are.

  • What do you see?
  • Do you see insecurities?
  • Do you see anger?

I want you to wear that mask for a moment, and look at yourself. Feel it. Feel all the things you truly believe about yourself. Does it feel discouraging? Does it feel like you want to run away?

Let’s deal with those feelings and lies today. Each lie is a mask, so put it on your face. Next, I want you to see me standing before you, clothed in white, and a face in my hand. This face is the real you. This face is the truest version of yourself, you’ve ever felt in your life.

Take the first lie and put it on. Look at me next. See the face in my hand of who you are. Do you think you are unlovable? Wear that mask. Now look at me. Look at the real you.

  • Do you want to continue to wear that unlovable mask?
  • Or do you want to take if off and put on the true you?

Exchange the mask with the true face you should be wearing. Take it from me, and let the real you mold into your skin. Sense the love flowing from your true self. Feel acceptance and care. Don’t judge yourself for wearing the masks you’ve worn for years. You are learning to remove those fears right now.

As you put on the truest form of yourself, see the mask, you wore, melting away in my hands, and in Father’s hands. Exchange love for fear. Let go of that old version of yourself. That’s not the real you. Be free. One step at a time. One mask at a time.


Father and Angels,

I give over my masks. I put on the truest version of myself, so that I can walk free and full of love. Amen.


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Be blessed!


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