I am feeling pretty low on energy today, and I went on a beautiful Facebook group, and I asked for some encouragement. The first thing she said was, “Stop worrying. It’s taking all your energy. Instead, focus on your success.” I guess I feel like I haven’t had success, and the struggle is real to keep my heart focused on the good in my life.

I went through a divorce, I’m living with my parents, and I have about a million life choices staring me dead in the face. It’s not a walk in the park. But, I have written 7 self-help books in a very short amount of time, because my heart is to help others, always.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in tears, I want to help someone else feel better. It doesn’t always feel fair in life, when you try so hard, and feel you have little to show for it. That’s been me, quite often, and I get down on myself for the little I feel I do.

But, then you realize, even if one person was reached, was it worth it? How valuable is a soul to me? I forget sometimes the impact one soul can have on another, and I pray that even if one soul is reached with my books, that it’ll be enough. I’m  not trying to whine, but be real, because we all face the struggle life throws at us.

I have read countless self-help books, and each one of them seem to say the same things, and I really love hearing the advice in them. But, all and all, we need each other. I need to support you, you need to support me. We are in this together, and when you are crying I want to help you, and I pray when I am crying you’ll help me.

I want to be a dreamer, but being a dreamer has so many ups and downs, but there is something much stronger, buried inside of me, even though I want to cry right now, I keep moving forward–praying for you–wanting to reach you with love too. Maybe my Angel Guidance books will reach a million, and maybe they will reach one. I pray I can accept whatever road God and His angels take me.

I want to open my heart to change, to freedom, to love, and joy, and let all my fears float away on the river of love. From one struggling artist to another, I pray your passions move you forward.

I choose to let go of the worry, because if not, I feel I will not have anything left in my heart to give another human being.

I am going to pray, even though this is long, for angel guidance right now. If this blog post touched you, and you can relate with me, I pray we both get guidance.

Angel Chameul

Your heart is a fine instrument, and at times it gets out of tune. You can have all the strings, the right body for sound, and yet when you play it doesn’t sound right. This is how many times you can get when fear, worry, or anxiety creeps in. Your tune is off. How do you get back in-tune with the Creator of love? Let me help you with that, right now. First, let it all out. Don’t hold back how you feel. Father isn’t afraid of your feelings, and neither should you be. When you feel negative, talk to Father and us, we will help you deal with the pain of loss, worry, anxiety or other things that arise inside of you. You can’t hide from your feelings, and it’s okay to feel, darlings.

Next, you’ll need to find a place that bring out your best, whether that’s outside, inside, or a spot that makes you feel cozy, go there. Get there quickly, and after you’ve emptied your emotion before us, soak in the love of the place around you. Invite us to your side, and we will fill the need that’s burning on the inside. We hear your prayers for love, success, and to help many, many others with a healer’s touch. We want to guide you on that path. Your tune just gets off. All it takes is a hand to tune it back up again, easy as pie! That is what we are here for, darlings! We are here to tune your soul to the right frequency, so that you walk in joyfulness! Be blessed! Ask for help!

Thank you, Father and Angels so much for your help!





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