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Do you feel blocked at every turn in your gift, calling, or career you love?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those, I want to give you 7 Tips to Unblock your Success.

Tip 1: Identify the Problem

Sounds easy right? I have to laugh, because uncovering the root of subconscious blockers isn’t always a walk in the park! But, with some recent books I’ve been reading, I felt there was a simple way to do it. Go to your very first memory. What did you feel? What did you see? Can you identify a feeling or lie that is blocking you?

Tip 2: Recognize the Lie and Expose It

Once you know the lie that is holding you back, look at it for what it is: a LIE. As a little child from 0-6 we are in a theta state. Which simply means you are a giant sponge! At that age, you start putting together pieces of your personality and how you see the world. Once you’ve exposed the lie, you can now begin to open yourself up for the truth.

Tip 3: Retrain the Brain

How do we do that? Well, think about what you did as a little child. We repeated everything! You repeated your mother, your father, TV shows, words, again and again. That was how all the information soaked into your subconscious. I also learned that the reason why your brain remembered those specific instances, and not others, is because that’s how you view yourself and the world still today!

Tip 4: Rewrite the Memory

Sounds sci-fi, right? How do you go back in time and fix a memory? Well, with the world of quantum physics, and our amazing brain, we actually can rewrite a memory! Here’s an example of what I do. Go into the memory and FEEL the moment. Let yourself go back into your little child mind, and allow the emotions to surface. These don’t always feel amazing, but it gets better!

Tip 5: Release the Pain and Forgive

Now that you are a little puddle on the ground, I want to help you with the next step! While you are feeling the moment, I want  you to let it all out. If it was a person who hurt you, see them in your mind, and talk to them and release all the negative feelings that came with the memory. Release it until you feel you’ve said what you need to. After that, I want you to invite Jesus into the memory.

Tip 6: Let Jesus show you the Truth

If you don’t believe in Jesus, then invite love into the memory. What is happening? Forgive the person who hurt you, and allow Jesus to bring healing to you in that area. Maybe He’s drying your tears or picking you up into His arms. Whatever He’s doing, see it, feel it. Allow that memory to be flooded with love and safety.

Tip 7: Repeat as much as Possible

See the memory  you dealt with in a positive light as much as possible. Many times memories are connected to a certain lie. Go through them one at a time, and repeat these steps!

Have a beautiful day today!


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