angel guidance august 15

Here are your results!

A. Life changes are coming. Don’t be afraid to step up to a new level. It can feel hard to move past the fear, but once you shut out fear, a new peace, assurance, and confidence will assist you in your life changes. For you, there has been some hard resistance for change, but don’t be scared of it anymore. Being uncomfortable just means things are shifting to move you in the right direction.

B. A soothing rest is here for you. Take the time to rest, enjoy nature, and release your toxic fears to God. If you’ve felt nudged to take extra naps, or walks in nature, or meditate more, listen to those intuitions. A series of calm, rest, and peacefulness is in store for you.

C. You’re a “go-get-er” but lately you’ve been unfocused, unmotivated, and have felt drained of energy. You need to highly consider a detox. Whether it be detoxing media, certain foods, or even people, ask for guidance about it. Your “bounce” has been hard to get back, but don’t worry, it’ll come back in full force after you uncover the source you need to detox.


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