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I lay in bed this morning, half-awake, scrolling through my emails, when I came across an email about reprogramming your mind for money. I’ve read and watched countless emails and little movie clips on this topic, so I settled in to watch this one.

After watching most of it, (I skimmed a little bit), I decided to quiet my mind and receive anything I needed to know about the subject of money.

Before I launch into that, I want to say a few things.

I Talk to my Car.


Every single time I drive it, I think or say, “You’re a good car.”

I’ve done this for years with different cars, I’ve owned, and they always work amazing for me. My mind, as I laid there, brought this up to me. I constantly tell my car that it’s blessed or good. And, it always functions the way I need it to.

Now back to money!

This sudden thought struck me, I need to talk to money!

In our conscious or unconscious mind, we talk to everything. Money is no different! Whenever there is lack, we have negative emotions or thoughts.

But, here’s the thing, the subconscious brain, which is much more powerful and connected to everything, runs on emotion.


So, if you are constantly feeling bad about money—the subconscious thinks you want more bad feelings!

Money, like a car, is something you use to move yourself forward.

Is this making sense?

A lot of us have a subconscious belief that money is bad. Or wanting money is bad! I’ve had to fight this, coming from a poverty-minded childhood. But, if you wanted a new phone, and you talked good about it, would anyone see that as bad? Why not? It’s a tool too.

3 Tips about Money

  1. Talk to your money every day.

Whether it’s a dollar bill, tapped in front of you, or your checkbook or bank account, talk to your money. Bless it.

  1. Stay in the right mood about money.

Anytime something stressful comes up, relating to money, remind yourself that money always supports you, and you love it!

  1. Visualize the money flow.

I pictured money as this beautiful lady, with long flowing hair and an extremely elegant dress on. There was this sparkling, green energy all through her.

Whatever works best for you, do that.

Have a beautiful day!


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