8.25.15 angel message
a. Your prayers are heard. You’ve spent a lot of time praying and asking God and the angels for help. Now it’s time to rest. It’s time to let go of the fear that your prayer won’t be heard or answered. It has been heard, felt, and seen. There are some things in works, and the wheels are beginning to move forward. In the past, your wheels were quite stuck, but that’s because you mixed worry with your prayer. Your fear of ‘it not working’ kept the wheels stuck in the mud, so to speak. This is the time to simply pray and release that prayer to God and the angels. They know who to bring to you, and the right things to line up, in order for it to come to past. Sometimes there are “kinks” because some people don’t listen well to God or angels, but don’t worry, they will find another who is willing to help you in your path. Time to rest!
b. An awakening is happening in your life. Things that left you feeling confused are beginning to clear up. There is a specific angel on assignment for you, and she is clearing away the doubt, fear, and clouds of confusion about your life. If you feel heavy, sleepy, or strange some days, call on Archangel Gabriel to help you clear away the heaviness, so that you can hear, see, and feel better. Your senses are being brought to life in a greater degree. You may find yourself often ‘moody’ and you’re not sure why the mood is happening. Many times, it’s because your senses are adjusting to the new spiritual process. Your mind, body, and heart have to find rest in the new senses that are being brought to light. Try your best to rest, meditate, or do something you find fun and enjoyable. This will help ease the tension of the spiritual shifting on the inside of you. A few of you are going to start getting very vivid dreams, in the night, and these dreams will be little pieces of a greater puzzle, which will be revealed to you over time. Don’t grow frustrated if you don’t have the whole picture yet, it’s coming a piece at a time. If you received it all at once, you’d find yourself far too overwhelmed.
c. A touch in the storm. There is a lot going on in your life right now. A lot of fear is trying to rear its ugly, ugly head, but there is a calming touch in the storm in your life right now. If you receive it, you’ll get tingles, waves of love, and little signs to tell you that everything is going to work out for your highest good. The waves of the storm will pass, and you’ll find that you learned from this great experience that you’ve gone through. Some of you will find your highest, energy, and love work is being brought to light through this time. You may not really know where your next step is, but this time right now, in the storm, is teaching you how to trust, listen, and be filled with compassion for others in pain too. Trust the process, and let go of the worry, stress, and fear. Reach out for the hand that is guiding you through this storm, and you’ll find that you’ve felt this help the entire time, you just were unaware of its presence until now. Compassion will lead you to greater heights, and never give into the thoughts that your light and love isn’t helping anyone. Your storm will speak to others, and they too will find a touch in the storm.



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