I was walking down the stairs when these words began to come to me today, so I wanted to share what I heard.

So many times people focus on the ethics of life. When they really should be focusing on the fundamentals of life. They think about immoral behavior, when in all reality, they should be looking at the fundamentals behind the immoral behavior being displayed.

For example: If someone says they are ethically moral, and their behavior is to push that moral behavior on others, has it not turned into something immoral, because they are forcing others by guilt, fear, or other ways into their so called “moral” system.

Now their moral, ethical behavior has turned sour for anyone involved. But instead, if they focused on the fundamentals behind the moral behavior such as : living it, speaking it, and displaying it before people in a very loving way, now their moral behavior is sound. Make sense?

So its not about the ethics of day-to-day life, but the fundamentals of that behavior that will bring healing and change to those around them. To display love is the greatest form of love. To shove your ethics on others is not a loving action, but instead becomes the groundwork for distrust and distance.

Anytime guilt is pushed onto another human being, whether through ethics or other such form, it has now taken the place of immoral behavior, because they’re behavior is bringing about feelings of distance and fear.

Our number one goal is to build fundamental ethics in our world, and let that speak for its self.

  • I had to make one last statement. I feel these are not my words, but only that which I heard on the inside. Let your ethics be found in  your day to day living, and don’t push others into your system. Allow love to bring them close.



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