Today I beat the sh** out of ten bags of ice.

Why you ask?

I’m doing a divorce recovery program right now called The Naked Divorcewhich I’d highly recommend to anyone going through divorce or having been divorced. I’d even recommend this to someone who’s been through breakups or trauma to be honest.

Today felt amazing.

I was a bit nervous about the “releasing of emotions” day in the program. I stacked my ice up, got my baseball bat (I had goggles and gloves on) and I started to pour out my anger about my marriage. I had NO clue how angry I was inside about it all. From anger to sadness to anger and back to sadness, it all came out.

I realized so many things about my heart–I’d literally gave my ex EVERY piece of it. When that line came out of my mouth I lost it. I just sobbed and sobbed. Years and years of pain and disappointment came out. And you know what?

I feel amazing now.

If you are suffering on the inside with anger, fear, sadness, or whatever type of emotion, and you keep repressing it, this will lead to depression.

I was already heading toward depression, and I could feel it. For one, I haven’t wrote on a book in well over a month. Which is CRAZY for me. Even though I’ve written some stuff, and for work I’ve written stuff, but my own sense of creativity took a nose dive. All that anger was pulling me into the dumps.

Thank God for the Naked Divorce Program!

If you can relate with this, I’d advise you to get that program, and stick to it! Also, if you need a way to vent, buy some ice and have at it! You’ll feel good! I allowed my emotions to come up, and I also kept saying to myself, “If there is more, come out now.” Because we tend to spend years and years repressing our feelings. Which can lead to sickness and disease.

Let it out people!



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