I’m on a search. I’ve been on this search for a while, and I keep praying that I find exactly what is is I’m looking for. I’m looking for magic again.


When we think of magic, we think of Harry Potter or some other type of fantasy. But, what if magic was real? What if mermaids, fairies, unicorns, angels, and who knows what else is an energy on this huge planet? I often wonder how we miss everything that we once believed in as a little child. The beauty of children is that they haven’t quite disconnected from it all yet.

Can you believe in fairy tales again?

I was sitting here, trying to drum up something to write, when I pulled out my deck of fairy cards. I felt as if they said to me, Do you believe in folklore? There has always been a deep part of me that believes in all of it—fairies, mermaids, mystical creatures, and maybe even aliens, but it’s not the logical thing to believe in any of those things—at least to most people. Do you wonder if we miss out on something beautiful because we hide from our child-likeness all the time?

Do you think we’ve shut down a side of ourselves and simply forgotten who we really are? I think so. I really do. So, I continue my search. My search to find out what is beyond my logical brain, and step into the realms of mystery, magical beings, and creativity. That is where I’ll find myself. That is where I’ll become alive again.

So I continue my search.


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