I have like emotions upon emotions right now. I’m trying to sort through what I’m feeling and sensing, and it’s like wading through a bunch of half-written notes. All I know is:

I feel different. 

I’ve always been that kid who believed in unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and angels. That kid who looked for fairy rings and secretly hoped that the lochness monster was real. I have belief upon belief, and I want to believe it all.

I have changed dramatically in the last two years. I used to be scared of everything weird or out there because I was taught to be scared, wary, and freaked out by everything unique or weird such as: angel cards, stones and gems, talking to fairies/angels/spirits or different religions.

Wow have I changed.

It’s all conditioning. We are taught certain things to keep us boxed into a religion. I think many religions are good, and I realized that I was taught that other stuff was evil or to be cautious of it so that evil spirits wouldn’t come on me.

Hmmm…sounds like a good way to keep someone controlled to me.

Over the last couple years, my eyes have been opened to more. I am no longer afraid to explore different beliefs, without feeling I’ll be exposed to an evil spirit. One thing I have realized though is: many are still afraid of it. I still choose to keep my roots in Christianity: I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but….

I use angel cards.


I discovered these roughly a year ago, and at first, like any good Christian girl, I thought they were bad. Then I started watching videos, and I could feel how these simple cards encouraged me and others.

It was simply a tool.

I’ve always been intuitive, and for years I’ve given what Christians call: Words. Or more or less a “Reading” to those who are in the New Thought realm. The thought of using my gift to a broader audience really lit me up. So, I bought some cards, but I had to hide everything. I knew my Christian crowd would instantly say, “Evil!” And, so I hid it away from them.

I prayed to God, and asked what cards should pop out for people, and then with guided information whether my own intuition or other, I gave people help. And it was spot on.

Then another thing happened.

I was writing in  my journal one day when I heard a name and a bunch of information. I was like, “Huh? Is this an angel?” So, I started writing more and more, and grew extremely excited that angels talked to me. I’ve always heard God, or what I thought was God, and it was normal for me to tap into a spiritual side through prayer. I’ve even heard an angel say something to me out loud before as a kid, and one time I felt one touch my journal and push it down.

So, I published: Angel Guidance for Wealth.

This began a much bigger realm for me.

Problem was, people I knew didn’t agree with the fact that angels gave me guidance. Do I have Bible verses for that? No. Besides the fact that angels did give people messages and warned them etc.

Again, like I said, I’m different.

I’ve had pain and rejection because of these differences in beliefs. In fact, I know some people have called me names concerning it, and it hurt a lot.

People may not understand cards or angels, but I do.

I like them.

They bring healing to me and others.

It’s okay to be different.





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