What comes to mind when you think of that word? Probably galaxies far, far away…stars…aliens?


I want to talk about a whole different kind of space today.

Are you cluttered up inside? Do you have space?

I was meditating the other day when I asked, “What do I do to market better?” This is something that’s always on a creative artist’s mind.

As I sat there the most unusual answer came to me. “Space in yourself to manifest.”

I was baffled a bit by this answer, because of course I’m thinking I’d hear, “Work harder, post more, email lists, blah, blah.” Then I go and hear something about space? Huh?

This is the message I received:

“Space in yourself to manifest. Space in the mind is a powerful tool to manifest. Emotional distance between you and your goal hinders it. Space to create is the  most powerful. Clear out space. Clear out mind clutter, soul clutter, and old chatter. Old emotions block up the space to create. FEEL them fully. People fill their heads with noise. You want to empty the head of noise. Mind noise prevents people from actually listening. Space is formed by clearing the noise.”

smaller space for blog

Whether this was my spirit talking, Holy Spirit, or an angel, I’m unsure, but it continued with these steps:

Step 1: Noise reduction. There isn’t a “no noise” switch or solution, but there is resources for less noise. Emotional noise is a real thing in the air. Pollution of real emotions happens–but you can filter it.

Step 2: Breathing. Learn it. Do it.

Step 3: Repeat Step 4–laugh at all life. Keep it light–keep it fun. (I received step 4 before 3)

Step 4: Take these steps seriously, but also learn to see humor in all life.

This was the final piece of info I received:

Be present as much as possible. Create less noise pollution in yourself and others. Others FEED on emotional disturbances. They thrive on it. Create less “drama” for the masses to feed on. Let go of the need to feed.


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