Who are you impacting?


As a kid did you pick up a dandelion and blow its seeds all over? There was something about watching those little puff balls dance on the wind that just felt GOOD.

We ALL have seeds inside of us.

blow your seeds

My mom recently preached a sermon about this very thing. One tiny act of reaching out to a bum on the street, completely changed his life and his entire family.

I’m not that important. 

Why should I try? There are people better than me.

I’m not good enough. 

Have you ever heard this type of stuff in your head?

I know I HAVE.

What the hell is success anyway? Is it a number? Is it a dollar amount? Is it how  many friends you have? Everyone’s view of success varies.

I’ve had times where I got broadsided about the way I did my gifting. It knocked me back, discouraged me, and made me want to give it all up. But, it’s amazing how ONE person can get you back on your feet.

one touch


Does every seed grow? No. Does everything work out 100% perfect? No. But, the more seeds you get out there, the more you have impact on the lives around you.

3 Tips for Success

TIP 1.

Get out there

No matter how little it seems, spread those beautiful seeds of love to all you meet. Write that book. Paint that painting. Dance that dance. Bake that pie. All of it matters.

TIP 2.


We have NO clue what our tiny seed could do. I’ve had people come up to me and tell me how impacting my Facebook post was on their life–and I thought it was pointless.

TIP 3.


I know these are super simple tips, but honestly, if you can get this, you’ll feel inspired. Open your arms, your heart, and your soul and just say, “I receive.”

Here’s a quote from my book: Your Voice Your Choice

No dream is ever dead. No gift is ever without breath. No voice is ever without sound. Sometimes all it takes is a little light to get it going again.

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