Do you feel you are going through a process of awakening?

About a year and a half ago, I went through the process of awakening to my spirituality. Although I’ve been a Christian  my entire life, I didn’t feel satisfied in a lot of areas. I slowly started to get revelation through teachers, books, and people who seemed to pop into my life.

The process of awakening is no easy task, and the angels are eager to help you along that path. If you feel your gifting is starting to stir up, please understand that you are not alone! In every one of my Angel Guidance series the angels told  me what subjects to touch on and awakening was one of them. I sat there listening as they gave me their helpful advice. I hope it can help you too along this path!

Check out my little movie below to see what the angels said to me.

The angels want to help you with the process of spiritually awakening. If you’d love their help, check out my book Angel Guidance for Awakening Spiritual Gifts .



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