I saw this picture on Instagram today and something triggered in my brain.


At first it didn’t sink in at all. I kept scrolling, then suddenly those words started to have an impact on my thoughts. When you stop needing it, that’s when you’ll have it.

Then this phrase popped in my head–

A woman lifting her hands with a space background

It soon got my mind jump started on this train of thought. I started to think of things I said I didn’t need.

“I don’t need any more books. I got tons of them to read!” (And they keep coming and coming, and it seems I still want more, even though I don’t need them.)

“I don’t need any clothes.” (I just got rid of another giant bag, and it seems like I still have a lot.)

“I don’t need any more book ideas.” (I have probably well over 50 to work on.)

And on and on it goes.

Do you see the pattern?

When we NEED something we only feed the NEED. When we feel satisfied, feel grateful, and rest in what we have, it shows up!

I started to mull over things like, “Well, there is certain things we need–like money, shelter, food, love, etc… How do we just rest and believe we don’t need those things, or that we have plenty?”

That was the real kicker for me.

How often do you NEED money?

How often do you NEED a relationship that’s healthy?

How often do you NEED a new car, house, etc…

What if you accepted that everything you need you already have in yourself? I’m just curious what it would do for you, and what it would do for me?

Will you join me in my experiment of not needing anything?

You are pure energy. It may not seem like it, but you come from the purest form of love energy there is, and every pore of your body runs on that energy. If a NEED popped up, what if instead of dwelling on the lack of what you have, you thought about how you are pure, vibrant energy in a co-creating form?

Let me know what happens!


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