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When I think of angels, the one that generally pops in my mind is Archangel Gabriel. For me personally, I’d say she is the most known, although Michael comes in a close second.

Archangel Gabriel’s Gifts

Pregnancies, Raising Children, Adoptions, Births, and Conceptions.

Archangel Gabriel announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, so she works well with things related to children and pregnancies. Mother Mary and she are a lot like Michael and Jesus—they work well together for these causes. If you work with children, Archangel Gabriel is the one to call by your side to help you.

Helps with Creative Types

Gabriel is an amazing messenger, so she helps with people who spread messages of love. Writers, actors, teachers, artists, or counselors are just some of the few who she works with. I myself have asked her to help me with all my books, now that I know more about her.


Protection Over Water/Weather

Gabriel’s element is water, so she can help you with safe travels over lakes, oceans, rivers, or streams. You can also call on her concerning the weather.


Archangel Gabriel can help you with all forms of communication. If you are about to make a big speech, have a difficult discussion with someone, or want to communicate better in general, call on Gabriel. She’ll give you the courage to speak up for yourself.

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