Z.Z. Rae is the author of 28 books and counting (fiction is under Natasha House.) Tagged in almost every unicorn post out there, Z.Z. loves the mystical, magical, and beautifully strange. As a child, she connected to God and relayed messages of love to people in her local community.

Now, as an adult Z.Z. channels God, angels, fairies, unicorns, and mermaids into her books. You can read direct messages from the angels in her Angel Guidance Series. An empath, oracle card reader, healer, speaker, and intuitive soul, Z.Z. helps people connect to their true, authentic self. Her LIVE Facebook readings on Z.Z.’s Angel Card Corner get thousands of views.

On this blog her goal is to help you hear from your angels and receive help and guidance.

Z.Z. Rae’s Books

It is in my heart to open people’s hearts to Father and His angels. I love to bring healing to others, and I hope you receive the guidance from the angels.


Do you struggle in the area of wealth? Have you felt frustrated?
In Angel Guidance for Wealth, the angels speak directly to you. They breathe on the pages their helpful advice, love, and wisdom. In this book, you will hear from multiple angels—they are always at our side to help us. Open up your heart, to the love of your angels, and walk free.

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Have you often wondered what your dreams mean? Do you struggle with getting a peaceful night’s rest?
In Angel Guidance for Dreams, the angels give you their insight into the world of your subconscious. They lovingly give you their guidance and help for getting more fulfilling sleep and understanding your dreams. Step into the world of angels and receive their love.

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If you find yourself constantly plagued with fear, pain, worry, and inner doubts, reach out and connect with the angels to help clear away those problems. In Angel Guidance for Inner Healing, the angels give you their input on how to walk free of emotional pain and bring healing in your life. Uncover the secrets of heaven and listen to your angels.

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Do you need a boost in your creativity? In Angel Guidance for Creativity, this short book will lift your spirits, give you tips, and help you on your creative journey. Whether you are a writer, painter, singer, or another form of art, you will find yourself encouraged by the angels.

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The angels are always talking, but are we listening? Dive into a meditation-style, easy-to-read book on how to awaken your spiritual gifts. Are you frustrated with life or feel confused about your gift? Let the angels journey along with you and help awaken you to your full natural potential.

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In Angel Guidance for Energy Healing, the angels give you messages about how to deal with your own energy, other’s energy, and how to bring healing into your life with it.

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Life can be full of turmoil, and often times it will overwhelm us. In Angel Guidance for Peace, the angels give you tips how to release the frustrations of life and allow peace to flow once again. In this short e-book, allow the love of Father and your angels to lift you up.

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In life, we face pain, disappointments, and failures that can leave our joy levels low. Often times, it can cause depression, anxiety, or a multiple host of issues that we battle day-to-day. In Angel Guidance for Joy, the angels teach you how to raise your vibrations and bring higher levels of joy once again.

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In this angel box set you will get 5 books. It includes: Angel Guidance for Wealth, Angel Guidance for Dreams, Angel Guidance for Inner Healing, Angel Guidance for Joy, and Angel Guidance for Creativity. Plus, if you sign up for Z.Z. Rae’s email listing you get Angel Guidance for Peace FREE!
In this angel book series, you’ll discover some hidden truths through an angel’s eye.
If you struggle with finances, need inner healing, more joy, to understand dreams, or a boost of faith in creativity, then this box set is for you. Included in each chapter is a devotional prayer to help boost your faith and give you self-help tips. These books will bring transformation in the way you think, feel, and experience life.

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This book is a spiritual tool to work with archangels in your daily life. Learn the names, gifts, histories, and energies of the archangels, including what crystals to work with. Angels have unlimited energy, so the archangels can assist everyone at the same time. Whether you’re facing situations involving, abundance, career, relationships, spiritual growth, health, or more, call on the archangels to help guide you.
Use this book as an archangel reference for:
•Spiritual Wisdom
•Spiritual Gifts
•Physical Healing
•Emotional Healing
•Connecting to the Divine
•And more

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In Your Voice Your Choice, Z.Z. Rae churns up the wild beating heart of every woman. She pulls you through some of her own struggles and speaks right to your passion, gift, and voice. You’ll feel a burning inside your heart as she calls you out of the ashes of your past and helps you embrace your own sense of self-worth. The one thing holding you back is: YOU. Grab hold of this tool to encourage yourself and strengthen your love for your own unique, beautiful gift on Earth. Stand up and shout from the mountaintop: MY VOICE IS MY CHOICE.

Make sure you grab the FREE GIFT at the end of the book to ensure you get Z.Z’s Rae’s 30-Days of Inspiration
Your Voice Your Choice
The Value of Every Woman

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If you have recently gone through a divorce or a breakup, you probably have a massive amount of confusing feelings toward your ex. You may be spinning from past betrayals, disappointments, or disillusions. It can be overwhelming to deal with the emotional aftermath of the divorce. You are not alone in this journey to recovery, and there are steps you can take in order to heal.

Ties of the Heart: How to recover from Divorce and Breakups, offers a 12 step-by-step healing process using 12 helpful tips, prayers, and visualizations. You’ll learn powerful tools to help you heal, forgive, and form new, loving relationships.

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Unicorns are real. I know, because I am one. -Z.Z. Rae
Being a Unicorn is the Bravest Thing You’ll Ever Do.
If you often feel judged or different, I Want to Be a Unicorn will glitter you with power.
Being authentic and choosing this life is no easy path, but with Z.Z.’s help you’ll find yourself transforming.
Packed full of personal stories, history, and unicorn insights, get ready for one magical, cotton candy ride.

If you want to be a unicorn, it’s time to make the choice.
You Know What’s Best for You. 

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Coming SOON: I want to be a Unicorn Quotes 8-13-17


Unicorns Blaze Their Own Path
If you need a glitter sprinkled, cotton-candy boost, flip through these quotes to see rainbows again. Great for meditation, a smile, or a gift, I Want to be a Unicorn Quotes will fill you with Magic.
Based on Z.Z. Rae’s inspirational book: I Want to be a Unicorn! Why Unicorns are Real and You Can be One, these pictures and quotes will inspire you to uncover the unicorn within you.

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What is the New Earth? How do you ground yourself? How do you develop your spiritual gifts? What is crystal healing?

Do you feel like something is about to shift?

All over the earth people are feeling it. There is a change in the atmosphere. When you don’t understand awakening, it can be a crazy ride. This in turn can lead to confusion, frustration, or even shutting down spiritual gifts that are surfacing.
With this tool, learn how your awakening can be beautiful—rather than drive you crazy.

Archangel Uriel’s name means: God is my light. With his help, he will teach you how to develop your spiritual gifts, ground yourself, release old mindsets, and much more.

Does energy healing work? What is crystal healing? How do I become abundant? How do I know my purpose?

The goal of this book is simple: Archangel Uriel will teach you how to step into your power, ground yourself, awaken, develop your spiritual gifts, let go of old issues, and much more.
You will learn:
•How to develop your spiritual gift
•How to ground yourself and what it means
•How to work with crystals
•How to understand the ego
•How to deal with narcissistic people
•How to release old patterns of defeat
•How to follow your heart
•How to let go of drama
•How to work with animals
•How to understand energy healing
•How to awaken the New Earth

It’s time to awaken the New Earth inside of you!

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Do you lose things? Do you feel like something is missing from your life?

We all experience the occasional feelings of emptiness or loss.
Our stress levels can skyrocket when we lose the simplest of things such as our: keys, wallet, or phone. Archangel Chamuel’s name means: he who sees God. With his higher vision, he will teach you to locate what’s missing in your life.
Have you gone through relationships, and you wonder where is your other half?

The goal of this book is simple: Archangel Chamuel will teach you easy steps to find the missing things in your life—including: items, spiritual connection, and relationships.
You will learn:
•How to find things
•How to deal with loss
•How to learn from life lessons
•How to find a relationship
•How to let go of codependency
•How to love, accept, and understand yourself
It’s time to let go of what’s lost!

Get ready to release the old, learn from the past, and find what’s missing in your relationships.

Why not let Archangel Chamuel help you today?

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Does the full moon make you feel crazy? How do you harness the power of the moon?

We all experience the occasional feelings of craziness.

As women (or men) the cycles of the moon can make you feel emotional. When you don’t understand the moon or menstrual stages, it can lead to outbursts, depression, or unresolved issues. This in turn can create disease, mental health problems, or emotional pain. With this tool, learn how these cycles can heal you—rather than drive you crazy.

Archangel Haniel’s name means: Glory of God. With her help, she will teach you how to harness the power of the moon. Release old, toxic emotions through the power of prayer, ritual, ceremony, or intention.

What are the four healing cycles of the moon? Why do women go through the same stages during menstruation? Why do we act so crazy?

The goal of this book is simple: Archangel Haniel will teach you how to release old energy revolved around relationships, repressed emotions, and memories. She will show you how to understand the cycles of the moon (and menstruation), and what they do to you.
You will learn:
•How to meditate, pray, and do easy moon ceremonies
•How to understand the moon archetypes
•How to appreciate your menstruation (and work with it)
•How to recognize the moon cycles
•How to let go of toxic emotions
•How to release old relationships
•How to forgive others and yourself
It’s time to let go of toxic emotions!
Get ready to learn about the moon and work with it.
Why not let Archangel Haniel help you today?

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Do you wonder what your life purpose is? Do you struggle with depression?

We all experience the occasional feelings of hopelessness. Archangel Michael is a loving angel who helps guide us toward our calling.
The goal of this book is simple: Archangel Michael will teach you easy steps to connect to your heart to obtain a purposeful life.
You will learn:
•How to connect to your purpose
•How to release old wounds
•How to forgive your parents
•How to connect to Archangel Michael
•How to forgive yourself
•How to love yourself
It’s time to know your purpose!
Improve your mood, focus, and life’s purpose with Archangel Michael.
Get ready to release old patterns, forgive, and bring joy in your life.
Why not let Archangel Michael help you today?
DOWNLOAD: How to Work with Archangel Michael (How Do I Know My Life’s Purpose?)
BONUS MATERIAL: Daily Meditation Practice and 21 Days of Affirmations

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Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter? Do you struggle with anxiety about your daily tasks?

We all experience the occasional feelings of overwhelm. Archangel Jophiel is lovingly called the ‘feng shui angel’, which is the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.
Clutter first begins in the thoughts, and ends up spreading into the physical world. With Archangel Jophiel’s loving guidance, clean out “space” in your mind and home.

The goal of this book is simple: Archangel Jophiel will teach you easy steps to clean up the mental clutter, actions, and old habits to obtain a clutter-free home.
You will learn:
•To have a cleaner and cozier home
•To let go of old emotional attachments
•To learn lessons in what you purchased
•To get advice from the archangel of organization
•To understand why you keep stuff, and how to let it go
•To spruce up a room
It’s time to simplify your life!
Improve your attention, focus, and creativity in an organized environment.
Get ready to release the clutter, organize your belongings, and bring peace in your relationships.
Decluttering helps you feel less overwhelmed, less stressed, and cozier in your home. Once you become clutter-free, it improves your daily mood, can help you sleep, or break old bonds with unhealthy past attachments.
Why not let Archangel Jophiel help you today?

DOWNLOAD: How to Declutter with Archangel Jophiel (How to relieve stress, anxiety, and clutter from your life.)

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Bonus material included: Affirmations, pictures, and journaling exercises.
Can mermaids help us manifest a soulmate?

This is not your typical law of attraction book, unless you live under the sea.
With direct messages from the mermaids, this book will open your mind to a magical, manifesting power.
Have you tried everything to find a soulmate, but still it fails?
The mermaids want to help you!
Inside this book you’ll find:
•Creating space for “the one”
•What is a soulmate?
•How do I manifest a soulmate?
•How to work with energy
•How to use intention for a soulmate
•The power of thought
•Easy instructions to attract a partner
•How to deal with past mistakes
•Forgiving and letting go of old relationships
•Affirmations, pictures, and journal exercises to speed up the process

Once you step into the magical realm of mermaids, you won’t ever want a normal “how to” book again.

How do you manifest a soulmate?

Dive in and find out.

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Do you believe in mermaids?

What do they have to say?
Mermaids are more than just a legend.
If you love magic, mermaids, and spirituality, learn how to manifest unlimited abundance.
Dive into:
•The Law of Abundance
•Manifest Money in Your Life
•Change your Thinking Around Money
•Uncover Universal Truths
With a new spin on subjects like the law of attraction, the mermaids shine their magic in this book.
Are mermaids real?
Read for yourself and find out!
Divine, channeled messages from the magical mermaids. 

“I’ve never heard the law of attraction like this before.”
“A book that will make your mind expand.”

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