The Angels say, “Write a blog post.”

So, I’m doing my thing today, when I heard, “Write a blog post.” I of course come back with, “About what, guys?” Needless to say, I have no idea what this post is about.

I’ve been reading a book called I Hope I Screw This Up by Kyle Cease. It has caused all kinds of life-changing revelations in there. One of which is–love every fear. Anytime something arises that we are punishing, in resistance to, or ignoring, we hold that in place. If we love the fear, “come here, fear, I love you no matter what” it suddenly stops all the nonsense the fear is trying to create.

It’s been interesting lately. I have these two sides (like all of us do) where I feel super empowered (like superman!) and it feels everything is going good, then the other side gets all whiny.

I’m a law of attraction girl, but it seems my mind wants to control it all. It wants to MAKE stuff happen, and I know that’s not the way it works, yet the mind still wants to do it. It’s quite annoying. I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks for quite a while now, and thankfully when my minds get all whacko I start with a stream of better-feeling thoughts.

I get jealous. I get whiny. I feel like it’s all super hard.

That part of  me I still resist. I want to be positive, do my dream, help people with my heart-felt books, products etc… I know what I have to say is valuable, but then of course the other part of me says, this is a waste of time. No one cares. 

Ugh. Why do we have to fight that shit? I even wrote a book called Your Voice Your Choice, and it literally addresses those thoughts. I go through this type of thinking, maybe you can relate. There are so many people doing what I want to do. There isn’t enough customers, and why would they pick me? 

Maybe the angels just wanted me to write this shitty thinking to get it out in the open. I love writing, and it’s like something in me thinks I can’t have what I love. Dang, that’s the problem right there. 

I keep feeling overwhelmed lately, and when I feel it, I just want to go to sleep. I don’t know what’s the deal. I will go strong for a while, then want to hide under the covers from the world. I see people who constantly struggle, and it gets to me too. I know there is enough out there for all of us, I know it with my inner being, but its the other side that fights it all.

Maybe this post is just for me, guys. Maybe I needed to express my frustration with myself about being overwhelmed, annoyed that nothing seems to be easily working, and that my dream seems so challenging to continue. I wish money was just non-existent. I know focusing on lack of sales, customers, followers etc…only brings more of the same thoughts and experiences. The thing is–how do you move beyond that?

Does anyone actually have the answers out there?

I feel I’ve been searching for the answers forever. Maybe it’s because I AM THE ANSWER. Heard that before? Yeah, me too. I know we have this huge, inner being, and this huge inner wisdom. We can tap into all of it, but we are still human too. We have to work with the ego part of us that’s always freaking the f** out about it all.

Anyways, if you can relate with this–hang in there! We are all on this path of uncovering a deeper side of ourselves. I get overwhelmed with the amount of info, and I just want something to truly stick inside of me and make more sense.

Maybe together we can figure this shit out.





How do you Love Your Enemies?

Ripped piece of paper on grunge paper background. Love letter

This was an interesting subject that’s been rolling around in my head lately.

Loving your enemies.

How the heck do you do that?

So, we all know this guy named Jesus right? He told us these words, “Love Your Enemies.”

Jesus, you be crazy! How do I do that?

In the book, the Power of Now, I loved what the author said, “Love your enemies,” said Jesus, which, of course, means, “have no enemies.”

The ego thrives on enemies. It has to be right and someone else has to be wrong. When we love our enemies, we have no enemies. We stop having to justify, validate, and prove that we are the top dog, or we are right, right, right. When we have to be right, we point the finger, shame, blame, judge, and cause a mess in relationships or even with people we don’t know.

The ego has to be right.

The ego needs an opposition.

It needs an enemy.

So, what I believe Jesus was saying was, “Love your enemies.” Or in other words, “Don’t create enemies in your mind. Have no enemies.”

Someone can hate you. I mean be a butt to you, and you can make a choice to have no enemies. To love your enemies. When you love them, the ego is no longer in control. It has no enemy to contend anymore. Only love can shine then.

It doesn’t mean you hang out with that person. Because, in their mind you are still their enemy. Does that make sense? You are no longer operating out of ego, and therefore you are loving your enemy.

No one loves an enemy.

So, what was Jesus saying?

He was saying, “Have no enemies. Love them, so that in your own mind they are no longer an enemy.”

Jesus didn’t skip around with those who hung him on a cross, or say, “Come eat at my table” to the pharisees. He didn’t whisper in their ear, “You’re my best friend.”

Jesus just simply showed us this powerful thing. No one is my enemy. He said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” He saw beyond the shell of humanity. He saw the true spirit beneath the so called “enemy” of His.

He saw no enemies.

Jesus didn’t run off his ego. He could have boasted and said, “Look at me I can change water into wine. I’m the son of God. I’m the  most amazing!” But what would that be?


The ego always has to have an enemy to survive. It needs to feel as if it is more ‘righteous’ or ‘holy’ than another. But, if we are leaning toward that, then we are creating, in a sense, an enemy with another.

When we need to prove ourselves to others or make them wrong, we are creating an enemy with that person. When we no longer need to feel right and the other person wrong we are then operating on the level Jesus did. An ego-less life. A mind that doesn’t need to feel justified or righteous. It just is. 

It’s not an easy journey to love your enemies, to get outside ego. Every day ego wants to rear it’s ugly head and shout, Look how wrong they are! Look how right you are! It’s in the rightness and their wrongness that you are creating an enemy with them. When you step outside of ego, and let those who oppose you just be, they are no longer your enemy. You have now stepped into a new realm.

Love your enemies.

Have no enemies