The Flow of Energy: Lesson 3

Today, I was lying on my bed and trying to figure out why I was experiencing a few aches and pains in my body. I’m one of those, “There’s a reason why this hurts” type of person. For the last couple days, I have been experiencing energy healing and flow.

Suddenly, it hit me like a ton of angel kisses. 

Duh. All those toxins are leaving my body, and I gotta flush them out!

Lesson 3: Flowing Energy=Detoxing the Body

I could still feel the angels around me and knew they were giving me some Ah-ha moments concerning what my body was going through. Drink water. 

My guardian angel, Morgan, told me to work on my chakras, so I let those flow and spin.

Just like having a massage, exercising, or anything of that sort, the body will tell you that its releasing some stuff.

If you feel drawn to certain foods (for me it was blueberries) make sure you’re giving your body what it needs as you allow energy healing to flow.

Have you experienced detoxing from energy work? I’d love to hear from you!

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The Flow of Energy: Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Trust Your Senses and Feel Good

I’m sure you’ve heard that 101 times, but do you actually trust what you feel? Do you allow good-feeling emotions to flow? It can be a scary feeling to let energy flow and feel good. There’s a part of us that wants to put a stop to it. Thoughts swirl such as: “Wait, do I deserve to feel this good?”


Growing up, many times we’re told not to trust our feelings. We are told our emotions are silly, too loud, annoying, irrational, too sensitive etc… I remember being told “We don’t live by what we feel.”

People are bombarded with this mindset, and I think it messes you UP. We should live by what we feel.

Our Feelings tell us what our Energy is Doing


As I lay on my bed today, I closed my eyes, put on my shamanic drum music (I love that music), and let my energy do what it wanted. I started feeling all kinds of tingles, good feelings, and got visions. My body jolted a few times (this is the oddest thing, but feels good).

When you Let Energy Flow, it tells You what you Need to Know

I pulled a card from my new fairy deck today and received the card: Balance. My friend, just yesterday, pulled the same card for me! I knew the fairies were telling me to make sure I balanced my own energy every day.

When you’re empathetic and want to save the world, you usually forget to include yourself in that healing. Lately, I have been putting my hands on my heart or stomach and letting myself have lots of loving, healing energy.

Fairies in my Room

Today as I meditated, I saw a beautiful lady and a man, and I knew they were a queen and king. They were dressed all in white, and I had this feeling they were the fairy king and queen of Winter. They had a unicorn with them and they told me, “We’re here to help you with your new project.”

When you open yourself up to healing energies, they will give you advice, healing, and nudges to go the way you need to go. 

Have you experienced good energies lately? Have you felt your body flood with loving emotions? It’s time to let the good energy flow!


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