Overcoming Fear/emotional recovery #divorcerecovery #healing #divorcepain

Today was kinda weird.

I started a program for divorce recovery, called the Naked Divorce. It’s highly suggested to not be in a relationship, so that you can heal, and really sort yourself out. So, I talked to my boyfriend, and he and I are on a break. It kinda sucked, but I knew this was the best thing for my heart.

Emotional Battles

1. Panic 

For about the first hour, I was pretty good, and then the feelings of “aloneness” hit me. Like this panicky feeling of not having someone in my life, and not having those daily touches–texts–calls. These are the feelings I’m trying to overcome. I even had this morbid thought of, “What’s the point of life without someone to share it?” Don’t worry, I’m fine. But, that opened up a whole new realm in my mind of thinking such as “Why do I believe me, by myself, isn’t worth much?” And that made me realize, this fear needs confronted.

2. Fear

Trembling. Shaky. Anxiety-ridden fear. These are some of the feelings I’ve been facing lately, and it comes and goes. When you divorce, you face these a lot. It doesn’t  matter if you initiated the divorce or they did. You get scared. Being alone scares me to death for some reason, and I know I need to confront this head on.

3. Helplessness

I’m a grown adult, but these emotions make me feel like I’m 3-years-old and can’t do anything for myself. The world seems so huge, and it can feel like the ground is shaking beneath your feet.

4. You want to make it go away

I’ve been learning through my program not to do short term avoidance tactics such as movies, obsessive cleaning, socializing, drinking etc. There are tons of things people want to do to avoid their emotions. I’m learning to accept, feel, and love all my emotions. They have layers. Feel each layer deeply.

5. Numbness

Today I felt so weirdly numb. I felt like I was in a fog or something. I try to tell myself that these types of feelings don’t last forever. They WILL pass.

6. Depression

I think I’ve had on and off heaviness in my life for years and years. I want to get to the root of these fears and pains, so that I can actually LIVE, and live for me. I’ve always been taught that you need to live for others, but I see how this can create a very poor mindset in yourself. You need to LIVE for you, and you will give out of that.

There is Hope

I want to encourage you if you are facing a divorce or an aftermath of one. There is hope. There is a better tomorrow. Don’t discount your grief. Don’t just tell yourself you’re fine. I’ve done that, and it doesn’t do anything. Emotions will come up in some way shape or form. Let them come out in a healthy way.

I read something in the program that was interesting. Facing a divorce is probably worse than a death. I say this because people who have a death in their life, get more emotional support. Often times a divorced person, get’s little to no support, and many people treat it like a disease that could be catching. They get panicky about their own relationship.

People are weird around divorcees and don’t know what to say. It’s okay. Give them a pass. There is help for those suffering from divorce. I am about to start this 21 day journey in a day or so, and I will keep you posted about how this is helping me. I pray for all the divorcees out there. I know how you feel. We have to believe that it WILL get better. I’m not there yet. I’m not sunshine and roses, but I trust that God has led me to the right source.

I love you all

Angel Guidance




Do I believe I’m loved? #love #acceptance #relationships #divorcerecovery #healing

This started with a book.

Surprise, surprise I was reading a book (or listening since my robot kindle was reading it to me). This book is by a friend of mine named Chuck Crisco. As the words washed over me, sparks were flying inside of my heart. Dreams of my heart. Love. Belief. All of it stirring all around me.

This blog post isn’t about that  book, but what happened just short after I got home. The moment I stepped out of my car,  my feet hitting the gravel, I got this revelation.

I won’t feel love if I don’t believe I’m loved.

I’m a divorcee. It sucks. It’s painful, and there are a million emotional obstacles to overcome after a divorce. I find myself constantly questioning my boyfriend’s love for me. Today we had a conversation, and he told me that it hurts him that I don’t believe him when he says, ‘I love you’. The moment I stepped out of the car, these thoughts started to come to me.

I will never feel anyone’s love if I don’t believe in it. 

It’s like this. God loves you, right? You’ve heard it, heard it, heard it. But, do you actually believe it in your heart, so you can FEEL it? I’ve been on a self-love journey (learning to love me) and it’s been a struggle to get there. As I listened to Chuck’s book some of the revelation he spoke got to me. It’s not just me loving me, it’s God’s love inside of me, giving me the love to love me. Confused yet?

Heart at the human hands
God says, “I Love You” and it’s your choice to believe it.

Someone can do things for you, be there for you, support you, and even tell you that they love you, but if you don’t believe what they are saying is true, then it never will be true for you. Love isn’t just about a “feeling” but a choice to believe in it. That’s what gives you a feeling. No one forces you to feel one way or another–you do.

You can reject love simply by rejecting the belief that someone loves you for you.

My boyfriend makes me think all the time. I’ll ask him, “Why do you love me?” And his reply simply is, “Because I want to.” Those replies give me more questions such as, “But tell me why? What did I do or say that caused it?” And he simply patiently will say back, “Because I want to.”

Think about it in these terms.

Why does God love you? Is it because you have blonde hair, blue eyes, and the perfect dimples? Is it because you did everything just right? Is it because you can sing or dance? Why does God love you?

Because He wants to.

God’s choice to love us goes beyond what we can do. It simply IS. Now, it’s up to us to believe that He loves us, and accept it deep into our hearts.

My last post was about, God loves me, but do I? I think my mindset is shifting again, into the thought that I need to believe that God loves me. I need to believe others love me. And dang, I need to believe that I love me too. Love is the key to everything here. When we shut our hearts off to love, that’s where pain abides.

I dare you to open your belief to love again. I triple dog dare you to open your world to believe that someone is crazy about you.

His name is Jesus.

I believe the number one reason why marriages fail is this: there is no more belief that the person loves you. I know that was my thoughts. I would combat it all the time. I also believe that if you don’t love yourself, you’ll always reject others’ love too. You won’t find yourself worthy to receive love. I believe that was the case with my ex. He couldn’t love himself, therefore he couldn’t receive my deep love for him either. I also combated loving myself, so you mix the two and it creates a disaster.

Eventually, if you don’t love yourself (and allow love from God in) you will push away everyone who loves you too.

Love brings healing. Open your heart to love. Believe.

From a Divorcee

The Breaking Point(When Pain Errupts) #mind #emotions #selfhelp

Everyone hits it.

The breaking point. It doesn’t matter who you are or how “mature” you are, you’ll come to a place where you hit the breaking point.

We all have insecurities, fears, sorrow, and disappointments we face in our lives. Everyone deals with these things in a few ways.

  1. Stuffs it
  2. Builds it
  3. Denies it

That’s a few I’ve noticed people do over the years.

My own breaking point hit last summer. I was a “build it/deny it” type of person. Where for years and years my marriage was a mess, and I tried to juggle the pain of it by denying that it was “okay” and also trying to believe that it would all work out in the end. I had this endless so called “faith” that kept me going. But, looking back I see that it wasn’t faith, it was mostly denial. My mental state snowballed over the course of five years until I literally hit the breaking point.

What is the breaking point?

When you’re done, you’re DONE. You have nothing left to give emotionally to the situation, and no one can talk you out of your point of view, no matter what they say. These breaking points start with a simple thing. A LIE.

People around you can love the socks out of you, but if you have allowed a lie to slowly build over the years, and haven’t dealt with your childhood issues, your pain from relationships, and have stuffed, denied, or allowed them to build they will BLOW. And it won’t be pretty, guys. When this breaking point hits, you hurt a lot of people. I know I did. I regret a ton of stuff when I hit that point, and I literally (when I think of it now) was crazy. When I think about my state of mind, at that stage, I was a different person. I don’t even recognize her at all.

The shrapnel of your “breaking point” will be worse than dealing with it before it hits that point. Trust me. I know. I really, really know. You will live with the guilt of people you hurt, things you did, and the things you didn’t do too. If you are feeling the build up of pain, fear, and lies inside of you I have one piece of advice: DEAL WITH IT.

Things you think when you reach your breaking point

  • It’s all “their” fault.
  • They don’t care
  • People don’t like me
  • They are against me
  • I’m better off on my own
  • I want to run away
  • They don’t really love me

There is many, many more toxic thoughts that roll around in your head. I want to beg you, warn you, and shout from the rooftops about this subject. It’s been killing me inside to see so many marriages, relationships, and people hit that point and not return.


Sorry for the caps, but I want to stress it over and over. I’m still dealing with my past, and it STILL comes up about my ex and my 12 year relationship. Of course you’re in pain. Of course you’re sad, discouraged, and hurting. But, please, before it reaches the end game, get help. Contact a counselor, a friend, or find material to read, listen to, or watch that will help you deal with your build up of pain.

In my last article I talked about the “looper” personality and the empath. This personality tends to have a rougher time, because they get stuck in this endless painful loop.

Let me tell you a story.

There once was a girl, twenty-something, pretty, lively. She had a dream. A dream to be a mom and a wife and to live happily ever after. She married a nice guy, they settled down, and started their journey together.

Then 3 years ticked by, and the girl asked the boy for a baby. It was a no go. Again, years ticked by, and it was into year 5. The girl again, begged, pleaded, cried for a child, falling into depression. The boy said no. More and more years ticked by, and it reached year 10. The girl was in her thirties, in pain, believing her husband had tricked her, lied to her, and didn’t love her.


This was me. My breaking point hit at year 10, and mixed in with a lot of pain, I left my husband. The story is a mess after that, but you get the point. When you hit this point, all you see is through those pain-filled glasses, and everyone you love takes a beating. You tend to think they are out to “get you, abuse you, or hurt you” because you haven’t dealt with an underlining issue.

Did my husband love me? Maybe in his own way, but he never dealt with his issues about not wanting a kid, and it bled into our marriage–thus creating pain and a breaking point for me. I didn’t hear one single word he said after my breaking point.

Give yourself a Voice.

I’m still learning this one, since I repressed so much pain. I am still recovering the little girl who had a dream. I am part of an amazing leadership team(Life Leadership) that talks about dreaming, and all I can feel is a giant painful hole where mine used to be. Will I recover? Yes. Will you recover? Yes.

Don’t just see red

When you’re in this spot, you see everyone as a bad guy. Believe me I could tell you stories in my own life that would make your toes curl. People who always loved me, I looked at in a red haze of pain, and I couldn’t seem to find the love I knew was there. I only saw them one way. If this sounds like your life, please understand that people love you. Your family loves you. Your friends love you. They are HURTING because you are hurting. If someone reaches out to you, don’t bat their hand away, see through the haze. Allow someone in.

See the light

There is light for you. There is hope for you. If you are experiencing great pain like I did about marriage or family I have one warning: Don’t break your ties.

You may be going through hell right now, but reach out to someone. If you feel like you don’t trust anyone, there are programs to get emotional and mental health. Believe me, if you just decide to “end it all” you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. I’m talking  marriages, friendships, family ties, whatever the case is here.

One more thing

Some relationships ARE toxic. But, in the breaking point it’s hard to know better. If you need a break to think, then do so, but without killing all your relationships. My one regret was rushing my own divorce and not just letting myself heal for a bit. Would it of still ended? Maybe. But, the fact that my breaking point shoved me forward to destroy everything kills me now.

If you are in the middle of a divorce, pause for a moment. Take a breath. Is your partner willing to work it out? Is he/she willing to change? Is he/she trying his best? I know they hurt you. I understand. I really, really do. But, in the breaking point you hear NOTHING. You feel NOTHING. You think all they are doing is lying, lying, lying.

Don’t do anything rash. Give yourself a breather. Deal with your pain. Deal with it. Please. For your mental and emotional health. For your family, friends, and even acquaintances. The ripple effect of a breaking point is like a hurricane, destroying everything. You hurt a lot more people then you know. I’m not trying to guilt you. This is from a divorcee who knows. I know the pain you go through, and I am still dealing with it a year later.

I love you guys.



Highly Sensitive, Empathic Looper (Understanding Yourself) #empathic #mentalstate #emotions

I am what I call a “looper”. Which simply means I take a thought and engage it over and over and over and over. Okay, you get the point, right? As I’ve learned the science of thought, I’ve come to know that a conscious thought has to change; for the good or bad. It ALWAYS changes. So, if you have a thought like, “No one likes me.” And you dwell on it, think about it, and see through that light, then it will snowball into a heightened state. Now, here’s the kicker.

If you’re highly sensitive or empathic it’s worse.

If you are a highly emotional person, a loop is even worse. You build up a toxic geyser of thoughts and eventually it BLOWS. And when it blows up, nothing else seems to get through but that one thought you’ve looped for who knows how long.

How do I understand myself?

First of all, admit to yourself you’re a empathic looper. To understand yourself is the first key. There is a technical term for ‘looper’ but I just feel this is easier to understand. I, as of late, have been trying to accept my emotions and love myself despite them. Sometimes when you are this personality you beat yourself up for feeling so much.

You also RUN on feeling. It’s your superpower, more or less, in this world. You’re sensitive to others needs, you give compassion, empathy, and love to others in a much more extreme sense. But, if you’re not careful, this blessing can feel like a curse.

Many times I feel like a freak. I feel like my emotions are out of control, and I don’t know how to rein them in properly. I feel like no one else is like me, and everyone else has such a normal life. If you are identifying with this I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

What do I do with my emotional looping?

I am still learning this myself, but a really powerful way to release emotion is through creative arts. Almost ALL artists, or I’d dare say ALL, are highly emotional people. You have to find a way to release these pent up feelings (whether good or bad) in a constructive light. For me writing has always been a way of releasing emotion. Or talking to someone about it. I get a giant build up in my head that feels like a ticking time bomb. I still deal with it all the time, since for years I repressed certain pains again and again.

Pain will come out. And if you are a looping empath, it won’t be pretty. You’ll see everyone and everything in light of that negative loop. Believe me. I went through it. I saw everyone around me the way my looping head wanted to see it, and ignored all else.

Find your outlet of creativity in whatever it is and DO IT for your own mental health. It could simply be helping out at a church, painting, writing, or building something. Whatever it is, put your emotion into it. Release the pent up feelings.

Here’s a list of things you could do to handle your emotions

  • Journal them out.
  • Write a blog or book
  • Paint or draw
  • Create something crafty
  • Talk to a friend or counselor
  • Read a book that rings true with you
  • Get around a community that uplifts you

I’m still learning to do these things myself. Here’s another list. Just because I like lists.

  • Create a positive mental/visual trigger. (When you start the loop have something that replaces the bad thought)
  • Take notice of your feelings and thoughts more. Replace the negative feelings with a better feeling.  (Even if it’s just slightly more positive.)
  • If you need to “talk out” your thoughts, you can always do a video blog.
  • Watch videos/read books that help you love yourself

I’ve been trying to listen to a few videos on YouTube about learning to love myself. I have battled accepting my emotional side forever. I always thought it was wrong or annoying, but I’m trying to love myself in EVERY emotional state I’m in.

As kids, we were rewarded for being good and feeling good, but if we were grumpy sometimes we were chastised. This can create a complex that feeling sad or angry is “bad” and we beat ourselves up over those negative feelings. Instead, if we stopped and LOVED ourselves in the bad emotion, we’d find it changing much quicker.

I love you guys. I hope this helped. If you are an empathic looper I’d love to hear your thoughts! I love feeling like I’m not the only one out there battling this.

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Angel Guidance for Creativity.

Let the angels uplift you!

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3 Monsters You Face Dating After Divorce #divorce #dating #recovery

So, I’ve been dating for roughly 8 months now (broke up once, almost twice, with the same guy). I was divorced last October, and started dating a guy in March. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Tip 1. You’ll face the Ugly Past

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. I had no idea that every ugly, painful, disgusting lie and belief I’ve ever had about my old relationship was going to bounce like tiger into my brain. Everything I do with my current boyfriend feels like ripping a wound open and reliving everything. My god, it’s crazy.

Tip 2. Emotion is a bitch

I don’t usually swear, but this seemed really fitting. I’ve never had this much emotion IN MY LIFE, and I am an emotionally sensitive person. Even, going for a nice walk I found myself trying to shove down the geyser of emotion that’s buried there. It pops up whenever and wherever.

Tip 3. You’re numb and scared

This is the hardest for me to face. I can’t seem to get over the past 12 years of my old relationship. I know it’s only been a year since I was divorced, but you want to beat yourself up for continually stepping backward again and again. It created a fear of love, a fear of not loving, and all the messy stuff in-between.

What I learned Today

After my crying spout, my feeling like he’ll be the same as my ex, and feeling unloved in my love language, it all hit me in the face. I have to love myself, and if he can’t match my vibration, the relationship will disperse. But, no matter what, I’ll find the one who’s meant for me by loving ME. I’m not saying my current boyfriend is like my ex or a jerk or something(he’s very loving and patient), but every emotion I felt with my ex surfaces no matter what. That’s why I realized that I HAVE to love myself right now in this messy, painful aftermath. Because, if my boyfriend actually is the one, I won’t see it if I don’t feel my own love. Whether he gives me loving words (which is my love language) or not is up to him, but once I love myself, I’ll attract someone who gladly gives me love in the way I need.

Be Fearless

In loving myself, instead of allowing myself to be ruled by fear, I’ll be ruled by love, and my self-love will send out a high vibration to a man who will love me as I love myself. Make sense? It’s easier said than done for sure, and I want to start truly loving me for me. In the end, currently with my soulmate or not, he’ll show up. And so will yours.

From a Divorcee



Ethics verses Fundamentals of Life #ethics #lifelessons

I was walking down the stairs when these words began to come to me today, so I wanted to share what I heard.

So many times people focus on the ethics of life. When they really should be focusing on the fundamentals of life. They think about immoral behavior, when in all reality, they should be looking at the fundamentals behind the immoral behavior being displayed.

For example: If someone says they are ethically moral, and their behavior is to push that moral behavior on others, has it not turned into something immoral, because they are forcing others by guilt, fear, or other ways into their so called “moral” system.

Now their moral, ethical behavior has turned sour for anyone involved. But instead, if they focused on the fundamentals behind the moral behavior such as : living it, speaking it, and displaying it before people in a very loving way, now their moral behavior is sound. Make sense?

So its not about the ethics of day-to-day life, but the fundamentals of that behavior that will bring healing and change to those around them. To display love is the greatest form of love. To shove your ethics on others is not a loving action, but instead becomes the groundwork for distrust and distance.

Anytime guilt is pushed onto another human being, whether through ethics or other such form, it has now taken the place of immoral behavior, because they’re behavior is bringing about feelings of distance and fear.

Our number one goal is to build fundamental ethics in our world, and let that speak for its self.

  • I had to make one last statement. I feel these are not my words, but only that which I heard on the inside. Let your ethics be found in  your day to day living, and don’t push others into your system. Allow love to bring them close.


3 Money Tips: Retrain Your Brain! #moneytips #wealth #wordpress

blog money

I lay in bed this morning, half-awake, scrolling through my emails, when I came across an email about reprogramming your mind for money. I’ve read and watched countless emails and little movie clips on this topic, so I settled in to watch this one.

After watching most of it, (I skimmed a little bit), I decided to quiet my mind and receive anything I needed to know about the subject of money.

Before I launch into that, I want to say a few things.

I Talk to my Car.


Every single time I drive it, I think or say, “You’re a good car.”

I’ve done this for years with different cars, I’ve owned, and they always work amazing for me. My mind, as I laid there, brought this up to me. I constantly tell my car that it’s blessed or good. And, it always functions the way I need it to.

Now back to money!

This sudden thought struck me, I need to talk to money!

In our conscious or unconscious mind, we talk to everything. Money is no different! Whenever there is lack, we have negative emotions or thoughts.

But, here’s the thing, the subconscious brain, which is much more powerful and connected to everything, runs on emotion.


So, if you are constantly feeling bad about money—the subconscious thinks you want more bad feelings!

Money, like a car, is something you use to move yourself forward.

Is this making sense?

A lot of us have a subconscious belief that money is bad. Or wanting money is bad! I’ve had to fight this, coming from a poverty-minded childhood. But, if you wanted a new phone, and you talked good about it, would anyone see that as bad? Why not? It’s a tool too.

3 Tips about Money

  1. Talk to your money every day.

Whether it’s a dollar bill, tapped in front of you, or your checkbook or bank account, talk to your money. Bless it.

  1. Stay in the right mood about money.

Anytime something stressful comes up, relating to money, remind yourself that money always supports you, and you love it!

  1. Visualize the money flow.

I pictured money as this beautiful lady, with long flowing hair and an extremely elegant dress on. There was this sparkling, green energy all through her.

Whatever works best for you, do that.

Have a beautiful day!


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7 Tips to Unblock Your Success: Retrain the Subconscious

Money Tree

Do you feel blocked at every turn in your gift, calling, or career you love?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those, I want to give you 7 Tips to Unblock your Success.

Tip 1: Identify the Problem

Sounds easy right? I have to laugh, because uncovering the root of subconscious blockers isn’t always a walk in the park! But, with some recent books I’ve been reading, I felt there was a simple way to do it. Go to your very first memory. What did you feel? What did you see? Can you identify a feeling or lie that is blocking you?

Tip 2: Recognize the Lie and Expose It

Once you know the lie that is holding you back, look at it for what it is: a LIE. As a little child from 0-6 we are in a theta state. Which simply means you are a giant sponge! At that age, you start putting together pieces of your personality and how you see the world. Once you’ve exposed the lie, you can now begin to open yourself up for the truth.

Tip 3: Retrain the Brain

How do we do that? Well, think about what you did as a little child. We repeated everything! You repeated your mother, your father, TV shows, words, again and again. That was how all the information soaked into your subconscious. I also learned that the reason why your brain remembered those specific instances, and not others, is because that’s how you view yourself and the world still today!

Tip 4: Rewrite the Memory

Sounds sci-fi, right? How do you go back in time and fix a memory? Well, with the world of quantum physics, and our amazing brain, we actually can rewrite a memory! Here’s an example of what I do. Go into the memory and FEEL the moment. Let yourself go back into your little child mind, and allow the emotions to surface. These don’t always feel amazing, but it gets better!

Tip 5: Release the Pain and Forgive

Now that you are a little puddle on the ground, I want to help you with the next step! While you are feeling the moment, I want  you to let it all out. If it was a person who hurt you, see them in your mind, and talk to them and release all the negative feelings that came with the memory. Release it until you feel you’ve said what you need to. After that, I want you to invite Jesus into the memory.

Tip 6: Let Jesus show you the Truth

If you don’t believe in Jesus, then invite love into the memory. What is happening? Forgive the person who hurt you, and allow Jesus to bring healing to you in that area. Maybe He’s drying your tears or picking you up into His arms. Whatever He’s doing, see it, feel it. Allow that memory to be flooded with love and safety.

Tip 7: Repeat as much as Possible

See the memory  you dealt with in a positive light as much as possible. Many times memories are connected to a certain lie. Go through them one at a time, and repeat these steps!

Have a beautiful day today!


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