God, I Want to Help People!

For a while now, I have been having this burning feeling inside of me. It’s a mixture of emotions I couldn’t quite explain. As I sat at my desk tonight, I pulled from two separate angel card decks. In both decks I got a similar card: laughter. I sat back for a moment and watched some YouTube videos that made me laugh.

I felt this urge to look up Kyle Cease. I’d stumbled upon him through Facebook a while back, and instantly his stuff made me cry and laugh–sometimes together!

As I watched this amazing transformation happen with this lady, I started to cry myself. I had no idea why I was crying, until suddenly it came out of my mouth in a desperate way, “God I want to help people!” Right now instant tears  are springing to my eyes, because it’s this aching desire that I feel.

I see hurting people every day, and my heart aches and hurts with them. I want to fix it. I want to fix all of it. I know I can’t fix every wound, every problem, and help everyone out there. I get overwhelmed by the immense sorrow and struggle everyone seems to face.

Why does it seem so many are unhappy?

As an empath, my heart is to heal everyone. I keep telling myself, “You can’t fix them. They have to choose to fix themselves.” And in reality, we’re not broken. We just keep getting attached to the mess.

Our true essence is beautiful.

My words feel like a struggle–I know they are meant to roar in the atmosphere and shatter depression and change lives around me. I know it deep in the pit of who I am. As an author I push my books out there, but don’t seem to see much impact.

Then my heart breaks and aches, because I want my stuff to help heal the broken, wounded, and lost souls around me.

Then I watch Kyle, and I realize–I need to be okay with it all. I need to be okay with my pain and struggle of wanting to be heard. I need to say, “I want to help people and feel limited, and I love that.” He talks a lot about loving where we’re at, and embracing the moment. When we love even our “mess” we make space for the answer to push through.

When we push against something, all we see is what we’re pushing against. We block opportunities. When I hear about sorrow my inner being shouts, “Help them!” I know deep within me, my voice is going to shake the nations. But, I feel weak. Insecure. Not sure if anyone cares.

I know I can’t be Kyle Cease. I have to be me.

I know that I have a message of love–connection–and empowering people. I know buried in me is the voice of a warrior princess–who is brave, true to herself, and proclaims healing to all.

In my new book (still to be released)–all my guts hang out. It’s been a work in progress, because each chapter I write, I find this new side of me peeking from the shadows saying, “Let me out!”

This world is not going to hell. This world is full of light. We are light and love. We are an essence of Source and the Universe, and God Himself. We are stardust and light. We are souls of great power and beauty.

Shine, beauties. 

Overcoming my own negative voice is the first step to showing you your voice of power too.

I feel stuck at the bottom. Not sure how to get to the top of the mountain to be heard. I don’t know how to share the message of healing, love, and light to everyone.

It reminds me of the show I’m watching: Merlin. Here Merlin is the greatest sorcerer of all time, and he doesn’t even know it. He can’t even openly show his power for fear of what will happen.

We all hold this endless power inside of us–we are literally the Universe itself in a manifested physical form–and we think that’s weak?

We hold it all inside of us. Every particle is packed full of energy that can shape worlds.

The ache is there–but expressing myself every day makes the ache a little less. Maybe this will help you today. Maybe it was just for me.

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How to Work with Archangel Metatron

tree of life
Archangel Metatron’s name means:
Either one who guards or one serves
behind [God’s] throne.

Unlike the other archangels, Archangel Metatron doesn’t have a name with an -el, which translates “of God”. Having a little bit different of a story, Metatron and Sandalphon were both believed to have been human prophets.

Archangel Metatron’s Gifts

Clears Old or Lower Energy

Archangel Metatron uses a device called the Merkabah Cube for clearing away lower energies and healing. Spinning in a clockwise manner, the cube operates on centrifugal force to drive out old energy that’s no longer needed.

Helps with Knowledge

Metatron is known as a scribe for God. When you need to understand more wisdom or advanced concepts, Archangel Metatron is the one to call on. He ushers in mysteries yet explained and helps adults and children to understand them.

Social Help

Archangel Metatron lends a hand to those who are highly misunderstood, sensitive, medicated, or their spiritual gifts create a social awkwardness. Call on Metatron when a child, yourself, or another needs help with working around social frustrations at work, home, or school.

Helps Teach Spiritual People

Call on Metatron when you need help with learning about your spiritual gifts. He records people’s choices in the Book of Life or otherwise known as the Akashic Records.

Guards the Tree of Life

Archangel Metatron is called the angel of life. He keeps watch over the Tree of Life and is the record keeper of all that people do on Earth and in Heaven. That’d be a busy job!

Scribe of Heaven

Metatron is described as being allowed to sit around God’s throne, since he’s always writing.

Angel of Children

Since in the Zohar Metatron is said to be the angel who made the way for the Children of Israel out of Egypt and helped lead them, he is known as a helper of children.

Angel of Death

Some believe that Metatron also helps those have passed to cross over.

Urges You to Change Your Thoughts

When you feel a nudge to change your negative thinking, that could be a nudge from Archangel Metatron. Since he is the keeper of the records of everything, he wants to help you with your life’s purpose.

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How to Work with Archangel Gabriel

gabriel 2

When I think of angels, the one that generally pops in my mind is Archangel Gabriel. For me personally, I’d say she is the most known, although Michael comes in a close second.

Archangel Gabriel’s Gifts

Pregnancies, Raising Children, Adoptions, Births, and Conceptions.

Archangel Gabriel announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, so she works well with things related to children and pregnancies. Mother Mary and she are a lot like Michael and Jesus—they work well together for these causes. If you work with children, Archangel Gabriel is the one to call by your side to help you.

Helps with Creative Types

Gabriel is an amazing messenger, so she helps with people who spread messages of love. Writers, actors, teachers, artists, or counselors are just some of the few who she works with. I myself have asked her to help me with all my books, now that I know more about her.


Protection Over Water/Weather

Gabriel’s element is water, so she can help you with safe travels over lakes, oceans, rivers, or streams. You can also call on her concerning the weather.


Archangel Gabriel can help you with all forms of communication. If you are about to make a big speech, have a difficult discussion with someone, or want to communicate better in general, call on Gabriel. She’ll give you the courage to speak up for yourself.

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Depression is a Beast

I feel depressed today.

It’s on and off, but it’s like a beast feeding on me. Sucking the life out of my motivation, creativity, and heart.

I feel voiceless today.

Like the things I do, write, express, and feel are pointless. I wonder why my soul chose this f*cking planet at times. It’s dense. Heavy. Sad.

I hear my own self say, “You can do this. Your voice matters. Your creativity matters.” And then the beast comes back to tell me, “But, no one follows you, likes you, or reads your stuff. You can’t express in your relationships.”

The beast is ugly and brutal. He feeds on my fears and amps them till its a noise I can’t escape.

My relationships mirror my beast. They mirror, “Don’t express yourself, you’re wrong. Don’t speak up for yourself. Don’t tell the world your feelings, because you’re not going to be heard.”

The Beast is brutal.

Just writing this out, makes me feel I’m pushing the beast back. I’ve lived with him before. He eats at me. He hurts me. He tells me I’m unlovable, unworthy, and voiceless. I shout at him, and he drowns out my voice with his.

But, the beast is only as big as I let him be. 

I want to express in my relationships and feel free to be myself. I will not let the beast push me back into my past. I will not be a voiceless wife who couldn’t express her pain to the world. I will not be that girl.

I will f*cking slay this mother f*ucking beast. I don’t care how. 

I am a voice. I am a valuable soul. I don’t give a sh*t if my stuff is ignored. I hear it. I am the one who should be hearing it the loudest.

I am now the beast. I can hear her roar. She’s so strong and courageous and full of power. She is a roaring waterfall, drowning out the noise of the first beast. She’s beautiful, a warrior, an Atlantian Princess.

You are too.

F*cking slay your beast.

Don’t let him control you.

Be the voice that shuts up that f*cking thing.

You are the only one who can.

hand for help on the mountain



How to Work with Archangel Michael

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael’s name means:

Who is like God


I recently started to work more and more with Archangel Michael, and I love him so much! He is such a strength when you are facing a lot of negative emotions or situations.


Archangel Michael’s Gifts:


Michael is a warrior of the light, and he is the one to call on when you feel afraid or in danger. He defends with light, love, and with pure intentions. When you call on him, he will step up to help you with vehicles, your body, loved ones, your character, and belongings.


Protection of Belongings

Call on Archangel Michael to help protect your personal belongings. He’s not going to feel annoyed if you ask him to keep an eye on your phone or personal device. He can be everywhere at once, so don’t worry if you think it’ll pull him away from more pressing matters.

Spiritual Protection

Michael makes fear go packing! Call on Michael’s beautiful royal purple light (that has also been described as royal blue) as a shield to keep you safe when you go about your daily life.

Protecting Job and Character

If you are struggling at your job or people are coming at your character, call on Archangel Michael to intervene. He can keep you safe from lower energies and people.

Life-Purpose Guidance

Do you question your life’s purpose? Archangel Michael helps guide and oversee your mission on Earth. This beautiful archangel will help you with your divine calling and nudge you to the next step you should do.

Cuts Negative Ties

I’ve often worked with Archangel Michael to cut cords of fear from my relationships with others. He uses his sword of light to sever these cords. Not all that long ago, I was experiencing some negative emotions, and I couldn’t seem to shake it. I called on Archangel Michael to cut all fear-based ties from certain people in my life, and immediately I felt lighter.


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You are Needed

This World Needs Your Voice

Ripped piece of paper on grunge paper background. Love letter
I received this message this morning from a Facebook Friend, “Your voice matters.. never be afraid to use it.. someone will need to hear your perspective.”
At first I thought, “Awe, that was nice.” Then it sparked something.
Someone will need to hear your perspective.
That got me thinking about all the authors, teachers, and Youtubers, who’ve helped me heal, awaken, and overcome some huge obstacles. What if they hadn’t used their voice?What if they’d listened to the doubts, fears, and blah-blah you can’t do it voice inside of their heads? They all started somewhere.
I would have never got the help I needed. I would have never seen the perspective I needed at that time in my life.
Everyone has a unique perspective. It doesn’t matter who you are–you will not look at the world the same as everyone else.
You can either let that make you feel alone or completely alive. My world is unique to me. I’m creating it by energy and intention. It’s exciting to create something beautiful each day in my life. Relationships, creativity, beautiful thoughts, and more. All of it is my creation–and those who need my perspective will be drawn to it.
My number one goal with my new book is: Give people back their power.
I want to help awaken others to who they are, and breathe life into their visions and dreams.
Your perspective IS needed.
People will be drawn to your service.
Be the beautiful you that you are–and be it with joy.
Your world is unique to you–create with joy.
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