You are Needed

This World Needs Your Voice

Ripped piece of paper on grunge paper background. Love letter
I received this message this morning from a Facebook Friend, “Your voice matters.. never be afraid to use it.. someone will need to hear your perspective.”
At first I thought, “Awe, that was nice.” Then it sparked something.
Someone will need to hear your perspective.
That got me thinking about all the authors, teachers, and Youtubers, who’ve helped me heal, awaken, and overcome some huge obstacles. What if they hadn’t used their voice?What if they’d listened to the doubts, fears, and blah-blah you can’t do it voice inside of their heads? They all started somewhere.
I would have never got the help I needed. I would have never seen the perspective I needed at that time in my life.
Everyone has a unique perspective. It doesn’t matter who you are–you will not look at the world the same as everyone else.
You can either let that make you feel alone or completely alive. My world is unique to me. I’m creating it by energy and intention. It’s exciting to create something beautiful each day in my life. Relationships, creativity, beautiful thoughts, and more. All of it is my creation–and those who need my perspective will be drawn to it.
My number one goal with my new book is: Give people back their power.
I want to help awaken others to who they are, and breathe life into their visions and dreams.
Your perspective IS needed.
People will be drawn to your service.
Be the beautiful you that you are–and be it with joy.
Your world is unique to you–create with joy.
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The struggle of Expression

The battle of Mind verses Inner Being
Often as I’m learning and growing my mind likes to have what I call “freak out” times. I’ll be expressing and being myself, living in my full potential when BAM, the mind (ego) likes to say, “Ah, don’t shine too much. Wait a minute, what if they don’t LIKE YOU. OH NO. Hold on a minute, they don’t agree with you, you should try to change them. Run and hide! Run and hide!”
I wrestle with my own expression. We all do. Yet, we want to express, be a unique thinker, and shine. I find it funny how we all feel different, yet we don’t identify that it’s a common emotion. We want to be out of the box, yet we fear it as much as we want it.
Those who step outside of the box and shine will usually get ego-fears from others trying to dull their sparkle.
Because, it illuminates their own lack of living from their inner being–and that’s scary and doesn’t feel good. When we look at people who shine brightly, generally we want to make them look a bit smaller, so we look brighter.
Sometimes we simply just dull ourselves, so we don’t feel so crappy about someone over-shining us.
As a creative type, I was born to SHINE. Yet, I fear it too. I battle what I call the writer’s blues, where you want to express, yet fear people’s rejection of you.
Beautiful smiling cute baby
Whoever resonates with me will find me. Whoever doesn’t won’t. It’s as simple as that. I try to tell myself this each day. Even if I get one like, one fan, but maybe that fan will change the world, and hey, I’ll have part of that.
The ego would love to shut me and you up. And it almost has at times.
Yet I think of great teachers, writers, or people who shine, and I want to do what they do. They give me courage. Let those around you who shine encourage you. Look at them and think, “I have in me the same source of love as they do to shine brightly.”
Then shine, baby, shine!!!
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Do you feel left behind?

Do you struggle with feeling behind?

Last night was rough for me, and I found myself going through a roller coaster of emotions. Thank God I’ve learned to accept, love, and comfort myself through times of pain.
As I drove home, I started sobbing about how I felt scared, behind, and just a bunch of emotions that surfaced. Although, I was happy in watching my friend recommit herself to her husband, after a lot of rockiness to their marriage, it triggered me from my own past marriage. I started to feel not good enough, unworthy, and just a bunch of fear and mess.
Would I ever see a man look at me like the way her husband looked at her? Would I ever want to get married again? Would my spouse love me as much as I loved them? How would I know if it would work or they loved me truly?
Although, my heart has healed a lot, and I’ll talk about remarrying one day, I still get huge fears that POP up and tell me NO WAY. As I drove, and sobbed my face off, I talked to God and He said, “I accept you where you’re at, Tash. It’s okay the stage you’re at right now. You’re not them, and they aren’t you. You don’t need to force yourself to be where others are at.”
As I went, I really felt Jesus comforting me, and telling me over and over how He’d walk with me every step. This in itself is a miracle. I touch on my spiritual story in my new book (yet to be released), my trust in Jesus was shattered from my past. The fact that I now trusted Him enough to be with me was a miracle in itself.
Through a bunch of emotion, I finally accepted that I was okay with my stage in life, and it didn’t make me less than others even though I wasn’t married, having kids, or having a white picket fence yet.
Struggling with “left behind” feelings is TOUGH. If you are divorced, older and not married, desiring children, wanting a healthy relationship, or haven’t fulfilled your dreams yet, I understand your struggle.
The first step to healing, is accepting where you’re at. Accept you. It’s OK you’re at where you’re at. And from that acceptance, you can go forward. I spent so much emotional energy on regret, shame, blame, and fear, that I was exhausted in the past.
The fact that I’m even dating (without tons of emotional blowups, like with my last boyfriend) is a healing message. Although, my fears pop up about loving like I did in the past, I can accept my relationship right where its at.

I can accept me right where I’m at.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel crappy. It’s okay if you feel left out, left behind, and broken. Accept that. When you love every emotion, it starts to HEAL YOU. When you beat yourself up for not being better (or fill in the blank) all it creates is more PAIN.
I’ve come to realize too if pain comes up that’s GOOD. I know that sounds crazy, but obviously there was still pain there to come out. Weddings are still hard on me, and seeing people recover from the brink of divorce is also hard on me, or hearing about divorce in general. But, I also know that my story isn’t their story. What I faced was different, and beating myself up for that doesn’t help anyone.
Accept where you’re at. You’re doing great. You’re moving forward one step at a time. You’ve got this, darlings. Choose your own path a day at a time.
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Law of Attraction: Are you attracting what you need?

I saw this picture on Instagram today and something triggered in my brain.


At first it didn’t sink in at all. I kept scrolling, then suddenly those words started to have an impact on my thoughts. When you stop needing it, that’s when you’ll have it.

Then this phrase popped in my head–

A woman lifting her hands with a space background

It soon got my mind jump started on this train of thought. I started to think of things I said I didn’t need.

“I don’t need any more books. I got tons of them to read!” (And they keep coming and coming, and it seems I still want more, even though I don’t need them.)

“I don’t need any clothes.” (I just got rid of another giant bag, and it seems like I still have a lot.)

“I don’t need any more book ideas.” (I have probably well over 50 to work on.)

And on and on it goes.

Do you see the pattern?

When we NEED something we only feed the NEED. When we feel satisfied, feel grateful, and rest in what we have, it shows up!

I started to mull over things like, “Well, there is certain things we need–like money, shelter, food, love, etc… How do we just rest and believe we don’t need those things, or that we have plenty?”

That was the real kicker for me.

How often do you NEED money?

How often do you NEED a relationship that’s healthy?

How often do you NEED a new car, house, etc…

What if you accepted that everything you need you already have in yourself? I’m just curious what it would do for you, and what it would do for me?

Will you join me in my experiment of not needing anything?

You are pure energy. It may not seem like it, but you come from the purest form of love energy there is, and every pore of your body runs on that energy. If a NEED popped up, what if instead of dwelling on the lack of what you have, you thought about how you are pure, vibrant energy in a co-creating form?

Let me know what happens!


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Are you Spiritually Awakening?

Do you feel you are going through a process of awakening?

About a year and a half ago, I went through the process of awakening to my spirituality. Although I’ve been a Christian  my entire life, I didn’t feel satisfied in a lot of areas. I slowly started to get revelation through teachers, books, and people who seemed to pop into my life.

The process of awakening is no easy task, and the angels are eager to help you along that path. If you feel your gifting is starting to stir up, please understand that you are not alone! In every one of my Angel Guidance series the angels told  me what subjects to touch on and awakening was one of them. I sat there listening as they gave me their helpful advice. I hope it can help you too along this path!

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Who are YOU Impacting? 3 Tips for Success


Who are you impacting?


As a kid did you pick up a dandelion and blow its seeds all over? There was something about watching those little puff balls dance on the wind that just felt GOOD.

We ALL have seeds inside of us.

blow your seeds

My mom recently preached a sermon about this very thing. One tiny act of reaching out to a bum on the street, completely changed his life and his entire family.

I’m not that important. 

Why should I try? There are people better than me.

I’m not good enough. 

Have you ever heard this type of stuff in your head?

I know I HAVE.

What the hell is success anyway? Is it a number? Is it a dollar amount? Is it how  many friends you have? Everyone’s view of success varies.

I’ve had times where I got broadsided about the way I did my gifting. It knocked me back, discouraged me, and made me want to give it all up. But, it’s amazing how ONE person can get you back on your feet.

one touch


Does every seed grow? No. Does everything work out 100% perfect? No. But, the more seeds you get out there, the more you have impact on the lives around you.

3 Tips for Success

TIP 1.

Get out there

No matter how little it seems, spread those beautiful seeds of love to all you meet. Write that book. Paint that painting. Dance that dance. Bake that pie. All of it matters.

TIP 2.


We have NO clue what our tiny seed could do. I’ve had people come up to me and tell me how impacting my Facebook post was on their life–and I thought it was pointless.

TIP 3.


I know these are super simple tips, but honestly, if you can get this, you’ll feel inspired. Open your arms, your heart, and your soul and just say, “I receive.”

Here’s a quote from my book: Your Voice Your Choice

No dream is ever dead. No gift is ever without breath. No voice is ever without sound. Sometimes all it takes is a little light to get it going again.

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Channeling Archangel Raziel Video #channelingangels

I’m not normally comfortable with the word “channeling” but for lack of a better word of how I receive messages from the angels and write them down, I figured that’d be easiest. It was fun to do a video for my followers, and let them see how I receive these messages. If you enjoyed watching please hit subscribe to see more, since I plan on doing more soon! If you are curious about my books, check out Z.Z.’s Author Page where you can find all of my Angel Guidance books on sale! I absolutely love sharing what the angels say.