Was Jesus a Unicorn?

Was Jesus a unicorn? Dare I say: YES!

In the early church days, the unicorn was interpreted as an allegory to Christ. This creature represented purity and love.

Jesus is a unicorn? What? Now this girl is getting really weird. Someone needs to slap this writer with a Bible.

An ancient Greek bestiary called the Physiologus, talks about how the unicorn is powerfully strong and extremely fierce. The only way to capture such a beast was if a virgin was nearby. This beautiful, strong beast would cuddle up in a virgin’s lap, and as the maiden suckled it, she would lead it to the king’s palace to most likely be slaughtered.

This is where people compared it to Christ—who came through the womb of a virgin and laid down His life for us.

The Maiden and the Unicorn by Domenichino

Jesus didn’t bow to the religious thinkers of His day. He brought a brand-new insight that people balked at—and they even said He was possessed by a demon.

It’s kind of funny to me how we box ourselves in—when Jesus Himself broke every box in the religious system at the time.

Jesus healed in unconventional ways.

How many times did Jesus break their rules? The religious leaders of that day watched Him with a critical eye. They were just waiting to pounce on Him about breaking the Sabbath.

Luke 6:6-11

6 On another Sabbath He entered the synagogue and was teaching; and there was a man there whose right hand was withered. 7 The scribes and the Pharisees were watching Him closely to see if He healed on the Sabbath, so that they might find reason to accuse Him. 8 But He knew what they were thinking, and He said to the man with the withered hand, “Get up and come forward!”

And he got up and came forward. 9 And Jesus said to them, “I ask you, is it lawful to do good or to do harm on the Sabbath, to save a life or to destroy it?” 10 After looking around at them all, He said to him, “Stretch out your hand!” And he did so; and his hand was restored. 11 But they themselves were filled with rage, and discussed together what they might do to Jesus.

When I picture Jesus doing this stuff I think, Man, Jesus was brave! He even knew what they were thinking, according to that scripture, and He did it anyways! Then they started to plot a way to take Him out.

Jesus was one ballsy unicorn.

In Luke 8:49-55 the story unfolds where Jairus’s daughter is proclaimed to be dead. Instead of faltering, Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid. Have faith, and she will be healed.”

Think about those words, “She will be healed.” She wasn’t sick anymore—she was dead. How could she be healed if she was dead? Apparently, Jesus didn’t view things the same as everyone else.

Jesus was a unicorn thinker in all its glory. He also healed the lepers—who were deemed untouchable as well. I want to get back to THAT Jesus. The one who was unafraid to express His belief, and show love the way it resonated with Him.

That’s what being a Unicorn is all about.

What if He’d bowed to the religious people’s ways in His day? What if He’d said, “Crap, I can’t raise dead people. I can’t heal on the Sabbath.” He would have never expressed His mission on this earth—to show Daddy God like no one else had.

My heart has really come back to Jesus—because I’m starting to see that He was brave, bold, and expressed who He saw Daddy God to be. What if He’d decided to be like all the others?

Instead, Jesus looked at the adulterer and said, “I don’t condemn you.” When in their law, she should have been stoned. Talk about a unicorn thinker. Reminds me of a Christian who uses angel cards—wink wink.

Jesus’ path wasn’t easy, and He certainly broke a lot of laws! What if your healing, mission, and inner work is being hindered simply because you have shut down the path God is trying to take you down?

Are you a unicorn like Jesus?

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The Flow of Energy: Lesson 3

Today, I was lying on my bed and trying to figure out why I was experiencing a few aches and pains in my body. I’m one of those, “There’s a reason why this hurts” type of person. For the last couple days, I have been experiencing energy healing and flow.

Suddenly, it hit me like a ton of angel kisses. 

Duh. All those toxins are leaving my body, and I gotta flush them out!

Lesson 3: Flowing Energy=Detoxing the Body

I could still feel the angels around me and knew they were giving me some Ah-ha moments concerning what my body was going through. Drink water. 

My guardian angel, Morgan, told me to work on my chakras, so I let those flow and spin.

Just like having a massage, exercising, or anything of that sort, the body will tell you that its releasing some stuff.

If you feel drawn to certain foods (for me it was blueberries) make sure you’re giving your body what it needs as you allow energy healing to flow.

Have you experienced detoxing from energy work? I’d love to hear from you!

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God, I Want to Help People!

For a while now, I have been having this burning feeling inside of me. It’s a mixture of emotions I couldn’t quite explain. As I sat at my desk tonight, I pulled from two separate angel card decks. In both decks I got a similar card: laughter. I sat back for a moment and watched some YouTube videos that made me laugh.

I felt this urge to look up Kyle Cease. I’d stumbled upon him through Facebook a while back, and instantly his stuff made me cry and laugh–sometimes together!

As I watched this amazing transformation happen with this lady, I started to cry myself. I had no idea why I was crying, until suddenly it came out of my mouth in a desperate way, “God I want to help people!” Right now instant tears  are springing to my eyes, because it’s this aching desire that I feel.

I see hurting people every day, and my heart aches and hurts with them. I want to fix it. I want to fix all of it. I know I can’t fix every wound, every problem, and help everyone out there. I get overwhelmed by the immense sorrow and struggle everyone seems to face.

Why does it seem so many are unhappy?

As an empath, my heart is to heal everyone. I keep telling myself, “You can’t fix them. They have to choose to fix themselves.” And in reality, we’re not broken. We just keep getting attached to the mess.

Our true essence is beautiful.

My words feel like a struggle–I know they are meant to roar in the atmosphere and shatter depression and change lives around me. I know it deep in the pit of who I am. As an author I push my books out there, but don’t seem to see much impact.

Then my heart breaks and aches, because I want my stuff to help heal the broken, wounded, and lost souls around me.

Then I watch Kyle, and I realize–I need to be okay with it all. I need to be okay with my pain and struggle of wanting to be heard. I need to say, “I want to help people and feel limited, and I love that.” He talks a lot about loving where we’re at, and embracing the moment. When we love even our “mess” we make space for the answer to push through.

When we push against something, all we see is what we’re pushing against. We block opportunities. When I hear about sorrow my inner being shouts, “Help them!” I know deep within me, my voice is going to shake the nations. But, I feel weak. Insecure. Not sure if anyone cares.

I know I can’t be Kyle Cease. I have to be me.

I know that I have a message of love–connection–and empowering people. I know buried in me is the voice of a warrior princess–who is brave, true to herself, and proclaims healing to all.

In my new book (still to be released)–all my guts hang out. It’s been a work in progress, because each chapter I write, I find this new side of me peeking from the shadows saying, “Let me out!”

This world is not going to hell. This world is full of light. We are light and love. We are an essence of Source and the Universe, and God Himself. We are stardust and light. We are souls of great power and beauty.

Shine, beauties. 

Overcoming my own negative voice is the first step to showing you your voice of power too.

I feel stuck at the bottom. Not sure how to get to the top of the mountain to be heard. I don’t know how to share the message of healing, love, and light to everyone.

It reminds me of the show I’m watching: Merlin. Here Merlin is the greatest sorcerer of all time, and he doesn’t even know it. He can’t even openly show his power for fear of what will happen.

We all hold this endless power inside of us–we are literally the Universe itself in a manifested physical form–and we think that’s weak?

We hold it all inside of us. Every particle is packed full of energy that can shape worlds.

The ache is there–but expressing myself every day makes the ache a little less. Maybe this will help you today. Maybe it was just for me.

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It’s okay to be different


I have like emotions upon emotions right now. I’m trying to sort through what I’m feeling and sensing, and it’s like wading through a bunch of half-written notes. All I know is:

I feel different. 

I’ve always been that kid who believed in unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and angels. That kid who looked for fairy rings and secretly hoped that the lochness monster was real. I have belief upon belief, and I want to believe it all.

I have changed dramatically in the last two years. I used to be scared of everything weird or out there because I was taught to be scared, wary, and freaked out by everything unique or weird such as: angel cards, stones and gems, talking to fairies/angels/spirits or different religions.

Wow have I changed.

It’s all conditioning. We are taught certain things to keep us boxed into a religion. I think many religions are good, and I realized that I was taught that other stuff was evil or to be cautious of it so that evil spirits wouldn’t come on me.

Hmmm…sounds like a good way to keep someone controlled to me.

Over the last couple years, my eyes have been opened to more. I am no longer afraid to explore different beliefs, without feeling I’ll be exposed to an evil spirit. One thing I have realized though is: many are still afraid of it. I still choose to keep my roots in Christianity: I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but….

I use angel cards.


I discovered these roughly a year ago, and at first, like any good Christian girl, I thought they were bad. Then I started watching videos, and I could feel how these simple cards encouraged me and others.

It was simply a tool.

I’ve always been intuitive, and for years I’ve given what Christians call: Words. Or more or less a “Reading” to those who are in the New Thought realm. The thought of using my gift to a broader audience really lit me up. So, I bought some cards, but I had to hide everything. I knew my Christian crowd would instantly say, “Evil!” And, so I hid it away from them.

I prayed to God, and asked what cards should pop out for people, and then with guided information whether my own intuition or other, I gave people help. And it was spot on.

Then another thing happened.

I was writing in  my journal one day when I heard a name and a bunch of information. I was like, “Huh? Is this an angel?” So, I started writing more and more, and grew extremely excited that angels talked to me. I’ve always heard God, or what I thought was God, and it was normal for me to tap into a spiritual side through prayer. I’ve even heard an angel say something to me out loud before as a kid, and one time I felt one touch my journal and push it down.

So, I published: Angel Guidance for Wealth.

This began a much bigger realm for me.

Problem was, people I knew didn’t agree with the fact that angels gave me guidance. Do I have Bible verses for that? No. Besides the fact that angels did give people messages and warned them etc.

Again, like I said, I’m different.

I’ve had pain and rejection because of these differences in beliefs. In fact, I know some people have called me names concerning it, and it hurt a lot.

People may not understand cards or angels, but I do.

I like them.

They bring healing to me and others.

It’s okay to be different.




How can you cure depression naturally? #depression #anxiety


facts smaller

How do you avoid depression?

Why is there such a raging amount of people suffering from this mental illness? Is there a natural way to avoid it all together?

Yes, I believe there is.

If you’re like me, and you look at those statistics above, it breaks your heart.  My natural instinct is to want to help those who are in pain and loneliness. But, therein lies the flaw.

Love yourself

We don’t take care of ourselves first. 

I’m not saying don’t reach out to those who are need, but many times, those who are suffering from a mental illness got to that place, because they ignored emotions that were trying to get their attention. When repressed anger, continuing sadness, frustration, fear, and feeling held back swirl around on the inside of you, a deeper root manifests–depression. Depression is a state of giving up when the emotions one feels can’t be expressed or sorted through.

So, how do we avoid this all together? Let’s dig in a little further.

Depression and Divorce

My story of depression began with a fairy-tale. I’m not going to go into the mess of divorce right now, but I want to briefly give you a few insights. My story started with my desire to have children. The longer the desire was withheld from me, the longer my repressed emotions built, until I got to the place of depression.

Everyone handles depression differently.

I know for some they don’t do anything but lay on their bed, but the thing about depression is: it has a bunch of ways it comes out.

For me it was being obsessive.

I couldn’t stop long enough to try to deal with the emotions I felt about being withheld my deepest desire. I couldn’t face my feelings of “not good enough” or that my husband didn’t love me. I would ‘think’ those thoughts, but I never let myself actually express or ‘feel’ those thoughts. It was too painful.

This is why depression formed for me.

How do you deal with depression?

Depression is, in my own opinion, a lack of expression in some way. Some people get depressed cause they feel life has no meaning or point. But why? What part of themselves are they not allowing to express?

  • Depression is a form of self-loathing (it is a form of self-expression, because we aren’t expressing what we truly want or desire to ourselves or others.)
  • Depression is our emotions shutting down because it hurts too much not to speak our truth.
  • Depression is formed from desiring something, and anger, frustration, sadness, and pain grows too great to handle.
  • Depression can be triggered from a life event: divorce or loss of some kind (if emotions aren’t sorted through or expressed, it can linger after these events are long over.)

So how do you deal with it?


I found this amazing book called: the Courage to Be Creative. It literally came at the right time for me. I thought I was the only cray-cray one out there who felt the way I felt. And, that is a form of depression right there–feeling you are the only one who feels that bad.

The Courage to Creative helped me to see that I needed to funnel my emotions INTO something. Again, like I said, EXPRESSION.

We need expression to thrive. We need expression to live.  Discovering who you are, not by what you DO, but your very ESSENCE or BEING and LIVE through that. Discovering your passion prevents depression, because it gives all that emotional energy a place to go.

We all suffer. We all go through pain. And through our pain we can thrive, if we learn to funnel that expression of pain INTO something. If you are having a hard time knowing what form of expression works for you: explore everything. I’m a writer, a reader, a dreamer, and an idealist. I love to express this way, but I also love to express by crafting or being outside.


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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or professional. These are simply my opinions on the subject of depression. If you are suffering from a major illness, please talk to your doctor. 

Sources: http://www.nami.org/Learn-More/Mental-Health-By-the-Numbers



How to Overcome Anxiety #howtodealwithstress #stress #anxiety

Heart beating fast.

Sweaty palms

Tight chest.

Ocean sunset with great cloudscape

We’ve all been through a form of anxiety in our lives at one point or another, but how do we beat down anxiety?

About a year and a half ago I went through a divorce, and anxiety and I became unwanted roommates. Dealing with chaotic thoughts, short breathing, and a raging amount of emotions was an every day thing.

How do you cope with anxiety?

  1. Find a place in nature

People talk about exercise, deep breathing, and all kinds of methods, but what worked for me was getting in nature. And, yes, I did this in winter. Bundle up if you need to and get outside for at least 20-30 minutes a day. There is something about fresh air that relieves anxiety.

2. Be in the NOW

I heard the angels tell me, “Look up the book about the NOW.” I had no idea about THE POWER OF NOW, and this book changed me.

Pull all of your attention to the NOW. Not the past, not the future, but what is going on right NOW.

3. Acknowledge your own emotions.

As a sensitive person, I used to dismiss my own emotions. When we dismiss them we build up a higher charge, that can turn into anxiety or depression. In order to cope with anxiety, tell yourself, “I hear you. I love you in whatever emotion you feel.” This will help dissolve the emotions that aren’t feeling good.

How do I deal with stress?

Stress and anxiety are brothers. So, how do we deal with it?

  • Tell yourself to slow down.
  • Do one thing at a time–quit the multi-tasking
  • Take deep breaths
  • Find a quiet place and focus on the NOW
  • Ask for help
  • Tell yourself, “I love you even when you feel bad.”

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How do you Love Your Enemies?

Ripped piece of paper on grunge paper background. Love letter

This was an interesting subject that’s been rolling around in my head lately.

Loving your enemies.

How the heck do you do that?

So, we all know this guy named Jesus right? He told us these words, “Love Your Enemies.”

Jesus, you be crazy! How do I do that?

In the book, the Power of Now, I loved what the author said, “Love your enemies,” said Jesus, which, of course, means, “have no enemies.”

The ego thrives on enemies. It has to be right and someone else has to be wrong. When we love our enemies, we have no enemies. We stop having to justify, validate, and prove that we are the top dog, or we are right, right, right. When we have to be right, we point the finger, shame, blame, judge, and cause a mess in relationships or even with people we don’t know.

The ego has to be right.

The ego needs an opposition.

It needs an enemy.

So, what I believe Jesus was saying was, “Love your enemies.” Or in other words, “Don’t create enemies in your mind. Have no enemies.”

Someone can hate you. I mean be a butt to you, and you can make a choice to have no enemies. To love your enemies. When you love them, the ego is no longer in control. It has no enemy to contend anymore. Only love can shine then.

It doesn’t mean you hang out with that person. Because, in their mind you are still their enemy. Does that make sense? You are no longer operating out of ego, and therefore you are loving your enemy.

No one loves an enemy.

So, what was Jesus saying?

He was saying, “Have no enemies. Love them, so that in your own mind they are no longer an enemy.”

Jesus didn’t skip around with those who hung him on a cross, or say, “Come eat at my table” to the pharisees. He didn’t whisper in their ear, “You’re my best friend.”

Jesus just simply showed us this powerful thing. No one is my enemy. He said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” He saw beyond the shell of humanity. He saw the true spirit beneath the so called “enemy” of His.

He saw no enemies.

Jesus didn’t run off his ego. He could have boasted and said, “Look at me I can change water into wine. I’m the son of God. I’m the  most amazing!” But what would that be?


The ego always has to have an enemy to survive. It needs to feel as if it is more ‘righteous’ or ‘holy’ than another. But, if we are leaning toward that, then we are creating, in a sense, an enemy with another.

When we need to prove ourselves to others or make them wrong, we are creating an enemy with that person. When we no longer need to feel right and the other person wrong we are then operating on the level Jesus did. An ego-less life. A mind that doesn’t need to feel justified or righteous. It just is. 

It’s not an easy journey to love your enemies, to get outside ego. Every day ego wants to rear it’s ugly head and shout, Look how wrong they are! Look how right you are! It’s in the rightness and their wrongness that you are creating an enemy with them. When you step outside of ego, and let those who oppose you just be, they are no longer your enemy. You have now stepped into a new realm.

Love your enemies.

Have no enemies

Highly Sensitive, Empathic Looper (Understanding Yourself) #empathic #mentalstate #emotions

I am what I call a “looper”. Which simply means I take a thought and engage it over and over and over and over. Okay, you get the point, right? As I’ve learned the science of thought, I’ve come to know that a conscious thought has to change; for the good or bad. It ALWAYS changes. So, if you have a thought like, “No one likes me.” And you dwell on it, think about it, and see through that light, then it will snowball into a heightened state. Now, here’s the kicker.

If you’re highly sensitive or empathic it’s worse.

If you are a highly emotional person, a loop is even worse. You build up a toxic geyser of thoughts and eventually it BLOWS. And when it blows up, nothing else seems to get through but that one thought you’ve looped for who knows how long.

How do I understand myself?

First of all, admit to yourself you’re a empathic looper. To understand yourself is the first key. There is a technical term for ‘looper’ but I just feel this is easier to understand. I, as of late, have been trying to accept my emotions and love myself despite them. Sometimes when you are this personality you beat yourself up for feeling so much.

You also RUN on feeling. It’s your superpower, more or less, in this world. You’re sensitive to others needs, you give compassion, empathy, and love to others in a much more extreme sense. But, if you’re not careful, this blessing can feel like a curse.

Many times I feel like a freak. I feel like my emotions are out of control, and I don’t know how to rein them in properly. I feel like no one else is like me, and everyone else has such a normal life. If you are identifying with this I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

What do I do with my emotional looping?

I am still learning this myself, but a really powerful way to release emotion is through creative arts. Almost ALL artists, or I’d dare say ALL, are highly emotional people. You have to find a way to release these pent up feelings (whether good or bad) in a constructive light. For me writing has always been a way of releasing emotion. Or talking to someone about it. I get a giant build up in my head that feels like a ticking time bomb. I still deal with it all the time, since for years I repressed certain pains again and again.

Pain will come out. And if you are a looping empath, it won’t be pretty. You’ll see everyone and everything in light of that negative loop. Believe me. I went through it. I saw everyone around me the way my looping head wanted to see it, and ignored all else.

Find your outlet of creativity in whatever it is and DO IT for your own mental health. It could simply be helping out at a church, painting, writing, or building something. Whatever it is, put your emotion into it. Release the pent up feelings.

Here’s a list of things you could do to handle your emotions

  • Journal them out.
  • Write a blog or book
  • Paint or draw
  • Create something crafty
  • Talk to a friend or counselor
  • Read a book that rings true with you
  • Get around a community that uplifts you

I’m still learning to do these things myself. Here’s another list. Just because I like lists.

  • Create a positive mental/visual trigger. (When you start the loop have something that replaces the bad thought)
  • Take notice of your feelings and thoughts more. Replace the negative feelings with a better feeling.  (Even if it’s just slightly more positive.)
  • If you need to “talk out” your thoughts, you can always do a video blog.
  • Watch videos/read books that help you love yourself

I’ve been trying to listen to a few videos on YouTube about learning to love myself. I have battled accepting my emotional side forever. I always thought it was wrong or annoying, but I’m trying to love myself in EVERY emotional state I’m in.

As kids, we were rewarded for being good and feeling good, but if we were grumpy sometimes we were chastised. This can create a complex that feeling sad or angry is “bad” and we beat ourselves up over those negative feelings. Instead, if we stopped and LOVED ourselves in the bad emotion, we’d find it changing much quicker.

I love you guys. I hope this helped. If you are an empathic looper I’d love to hear your thoughts! I love feeling like I’m not the only one out there battling this.

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